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PS/2 Server 95 (Type 8595) / PC Server 500 / PS/2 Model 90 - RD9095A - Diagnostics diskette version 2.33
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  Applicable countries/regions
62H6830 PS/2 90-95 and PC Server 500 Diagnostic Diskette version 2.33
  Supported machines
PC Server 500(8641-000, 0RT, 0Y0, 0YR, 0YS, 0YT, 0YV, 1Y0, 3RT, 4YB, 5Y1, 5Y2, 5Y3, 5Y4, MY0, MYC, MYF, MYS, NY0, NYV, P39, S0C), PS/2(8590-0G5, 0G9, 0H5, 0H9, 0J5, 0J9, 0K9, 0KD, 0KF, 0L9, 0LF, 3T1, 402, 4Y1, 4Y2, 4Y3, 4Y4, 4Y5, 4Y6, 4Y7, 4Y8, 4Y9, 4YB, 4YC, 4YE), PS/2(9590-0LA, 0LF, DLA, DLG, KLA, KLG, QLA), Server 95(9595-1NG, 1NT, 1NV, 1PG, 1PT, 2NT, 2QT, 3NG, 3NT, 3PG, 3PT, 3QG, 3QT, 4Y1, 4Y2, 4Y3, 4Y5, 4Y6, 4Y7, 4YE, 4YF, 4YG, 4YH, 5PT, 5QT, 6NG, 6NT, 8NT, 8PT, 8QD, 8QT, 9N2, 9N4, AN3, ANT, APG, APT, AQT, B03, B06, B0C, B20, B23, B26, B30, B33, B36, BNT, BPT, BQT, CPT, CY0, INT, INV, PNT, S03, S06, S0C, S10, S13, S20, S23, S26, S2C, S30, S33, S36, Z01, Z02, Z03, Z04, Z05, Z06, Z07, Z08, Z09, Z0A, Z0B, Z0C, Z0D, Z0E, Z0F, Z0G, Z0H, Z0J, Z0K, Z0L, Z0M, Z0N, Z0P, Z0Q, Z0R, Z0S, Z0T, Z0U, Z0V, Z0W, Z0X, Z0Y)Server 95(8595(ALL))
  File details
Version 2.33
Release Date 1995/09/14
File link   File size   File description
62h6830.exe   496,888   PS/2 Server 95 / PC Server 500 / PS/2 8590 - RD9095A - Diagnostics diskette version 2.33

  Additional information


  • This level of diagnostics is for ALL processor types (1, 2, 3 and 4).
  • There is no README for this file.
Document id:  COBN-3EMHBV
Last modified:  2002-05-17
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