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PCServer500 - Device Managers (S/390)
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Device Managers
The PC Server System/390 supplies several device managers to support emulation of 370 I/O devices. The device managers are OS/2 applications that are started when S/390 Microprocessor Complex is IPL'ed with a device map containing device definitions that use the device managers.

Each device manager is identified by name on the PC Server/390 Configuration screen that is used to perform device mapping. See 'Microprocessor Complex Configuration (S/390)´. (Do not confuse this configuration program with the PC Server 500 Configuration program. See 'Configuration (Server 500)´.)

The following is a list of device managers and their function.

For detailed information about device drivers, refer to the Introducing the PC Server 500 System/390L manual (Form Number GC24-5717-00) supplied with the computer.
Device Managers Name Function
AWSCDK Count, Key, Data (CKD) DASD Emulator
AWSDEV General interface for device drive emulation of 370
AWSFBA Fixed Block Architecture (FBA) DASD Emulator
AWSICA Integrated Communications Adapter (ICA) support
AWSOMA Optical Media Attach
AWSSTART Starts 7432 managers under OS/2
AWSSTOP Stops 7432 managers under OS/2
AWSTAPE 3803/3420 Emulator
AWSTFA Transparent File Access (VM)
AWSWAIT Waits for 7437 managers to start under OS/2
AWS2540 2540 Card Reader Emulator
AWS2703 2703 Emulator
AWS2821 Printer Manager
AWS3172 3172 Local Area Network (LAN) Gateway (SNA)der OS/2
AWS3215 OS/2 Typewriter Keyboard Emulator
AWS3274 3274 Control Unit Emulator (non-SNA)
AWS5080 5080 Driver
AWS9346 SCSI Quarter Inch Tape Drive Manager
AWSC370 S/370 Channel Emulator Device Manager
LAN3088 3088 Emulation over a LAN
LAN3274 LAN 3270 sessions (non-SNA)
LAN3172 3172 LAN channel Station for transmission control protocol/internet protocol (TCP/IP) (VM)
LAN3172 3172 LAN channel Station for transmission control protocol/internet protocol (TCP/IP) (VM)
Document id:  DDSE-3UXNMV
Last modified:  1998-06-01
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