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PC Server 500 - System parts listing
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Move the mouse over the part for a description of the part.
Click on the part to locate the part number.
 Base frameBase frameBase frameLED information display assemblySystem Board (without Memory and Processor)I/O panelSCSI RAID hard disk drive adapterVideo adapterFan assemblyFan mounting supportI/O flex plateRight side doorPedestal wheel with axle434W power supplyCard guideProcessor card supportCard guide supportPedestalSlim line CD-ROM drive2.88MB diskette driveSCSI hard disk driveHot swap tray assemblyCD storage trayFront bezel (with shield)KeylockDASD doorIBM logo5.25-Inch Drive Bezel (with Spacer)Control panel bezelControl panel card assembly

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Index System - PCServer 500 (Type 8641) Replacement part numbers (FRU)
1 Base Frame 82G3593
2 LED Information Display Assembly 06H3766
3 System Board (without Memory and Processor) 92F2623
I/O Spring (bracket on system board) 06H3796
Pentium 90MHz Processor Card 06H3739
16MB ECC Memory SIMM 96F9100
32MB ECC Memory SIMM 73G3136
4 I/O Panel Die Cast 06H3593
5 SCSI RAID Hard Disk Drive Adapter 06H3059
5 Signal Pass-through card (daughter card) and cable 06H3060
5 SCSI Fast Wide Hard Disk Drive Adapter 92F0160
6 Video Adapter 71G0650
7 Fan Assembly 06H3407
8 Fan Mounting Support (without Fans) 82G3618
9 I/O Flex Plate 06H3594
10 Right Side Door 82G3594
Right Side Door Hinges 82G3600
11 Pedestal Wheel (with Axle) 82G3609
12 434 Watt Power Supply 06H3596
13 Card Guide 82G3604
14 Processor Card Support 06H3959
15 Card Guide Support 82G3603
16 Pedestal 82G3608
17 Slim-Line CD ROM Drive 06H2150
18 2.88MB Diskette Drive 82G1888
19 1GB SCSI Hard Disk Drive 06H3371
19 2GB SCSI Hard Disk Drive 06H3372
20 DASD Hot Swap Tray Assembly (Wide) 06H3956
DASD Hot Swap Backplane Assembly 71G6291
DASD Hot Swap Cam Spring (Shaft and Knob) 06H5059
DASD Mounting Plate 82G3602
21 CD Storage Tray 06H5060
22 Front Bezel (with Shield) 82G3595
23 Keylock (with Keys)
(Pawl available in Miscellaneous Parts Kit)
24 DASD Door 82G3596
25 IBM Logo (R) 82G3601
26 5.25-Inch Drive Bezel (with Spacer) 82G3599
27 Control Panel Bezel 06H3595
28 Control Panel Card Assembly 06H3755
Ethernet Quad-BT PeerMaster Server Adapter 06H4220
Ethernet Quad-B2 PeerMaster Server Adapter 06H6042
Battery See 'Battery Notice'-. 33F8354
Keyboard (with Cable) 71G4646
Miscellaneous Parts Kit C2 Spring (1 each)
EMI Ground Clips (4 each)
Hinge Screws(2 each)
Lock Pawl (1 each)
Planar Mounting Boss (2 each)
Screws (4 each)
Mouse 96F9258
Power Cord 62X1045
Speaker (with Bracket) 33F8444

Document id:  COBN-38VFKM
Last modified:  2001-07-25
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