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PC Server 500 - Starting the RAID configuration
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Starting the RAID Configuration Program
To start the RAID configuration program.
1. Insert the IBM RAID controller diskette into the primary drive and power-on the server. If the server is already on, press Ctrl+ Alt+ Del. If you have more than one RAID adapter, you will get an adapter selection screen. Otherwise, the Main Menu appears.

RAID Program Keys
Key Program Response
F1 Selects Help from any menu
Esc Return to the previous screen or to the previous work area of a screen
Up(«) and Down(»)Arrows Highlights the item to be selected
Enter Selects the highlighted item

Main Menu Selections

Whenever you make changes to the disk-array configuration and select Exit , the Confirm pop-up window will appear. You must select Yes to save and activate the changes.

Selection Program Response
Help Provides additional information
View configuration: Displays the existing disk array configuration
Create/delete array: Selects the drives, defines a hot-spare drive for an array you want to create, or to deletes an existing array.

This selection also has choices for defining a logical drive and formatting a drive.
Select this choice after creating an array to:
- Set the drive to a predetermined value.

- For proper operation of RAID levels 1 and 5.
Note: Any data existing on the drive is overwritten with zeros, and the corresponding parity information is initialized to the correct value.
- Initialize more than one logical drive at a time.

- Interrupt the initialization process at any time by pressing Esc.
- Restart the initialization process by pressing Enter
- End the process by pressing Esc again.
Synchronize logical drive Recomputes and rewrites the parity data on the drive. You can select this choice to recompute parity data for RAID levels 1 and 5. This selection does not alter data on the drive. The synchronization process can be done on multiple
logical drives.
Rebuild device: Rebuilds logical drives. The rebuild operation is supported only for RAID levels 1 and 5.
Advanced functions: Changes the write policy (the way data is written to the drive), to saves your configuration information to a diskette, restores it from a diskette, or changes RAID parameters. This choice also allows you to do a low-level format.
Drive information: Displays information about the SCSI devices (hard disk, CD-ROM, tape, and so on) connected to the RAID adapter.
Exit: Leaves the Main Menu.
Document id:  DDSE-3UXN8B
Last modified:  1999-01-27
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