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PC Server 500 - POST (S/390)
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Power-On Self Test (POST)
When you power-on or re-boot the computer, the computer runs the following two power-on self tests (POSTs).

These tests are run consecutively without intervention.

(resides on the system board)
Checks the memory, system board, direct access storage device (DASD), configuration, etc.. If you receive a POST error from the BIOS code, refer to the "Symptom-to-FRU Index (Micro Channel)" in the PS/2 Hardware Maintenance Manual
Licensed Internal Code (LIC)
(written to files on the hard disk drive)
Checks the P/390 processor card and attached memory card.

If you receive a POST error (165) from the P/390 LIC code, see "Error Reporting (P/390)" in the Hardware Maintenance Manual.
Document id:  DDSE-43WNM8
Last modified:  2001-02-02
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