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PC Server 500 - Hard disk drive options, part numbers, and replacement part numbers(FRU)
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NOTE: Populating the second backplane (part number 70G9740, FRU 71G6291) requires installation of the second backplane and 220W Power Supply Upgrade (part number 70G9739, FRU 06H3237). Populating the third backplane requires installation of third backplane and an additional Streaming RAID adapter (part number 70G9263, FRU 06H3059 - RAID Card and 06H3060 - Side Card and Cable).

Upgrade Alternative
3517 enclosure will hold 5 hot swap drives, providing 45GB of storage. The only withdrawn part is the cable (part number 32G3913, FRU 92F0326) which connects the enclosure to the Streaming RAID external port.

* Withdrawn

Hard disk drive (HDD) options
Option part number
Replacement part number (FRU)
Important information
540MB Fast SCSI-2 HDD 92G2441* 82G5932 (2)
1.0GB Fast SCSI-2 HDD 70G8492* 92F0428 (2)
1.12GB SCSI-2 F/W HDD (no tray) 07H0386* 76H0957 .
1.12GB Ultstr XP F/W SCSI-2 Hot-Swap HDD 94G2649* 06H3371 .
1.12GB Ultrastar XP SCSI-2 Fast/Wide HDD 94G3052* . (1)
2.25GB SCSI-2 F/W HDD (no tray) 07H0387* 76H0958 .
2.25GB UltraStar XP F/W SCSI-2 Hot-Swap HDD 94G2650* 06H3372 .
2.25GB Ultrastar XP SCSI-2 Fast HDD 94G3054* 76H0955 replaces 06H3370 (2)
2.25GB Ultrastar SCSI-2 Fast/Wide HDD 94G3055* 76H0958 .
4.51GB SCSI-2 F/W Half High HDD (no tray) 07H0384 76H0959 .
4.51GB F/W SCSI-2 Hot Swap SL HDD Option with Type II Hot-Swap Tray 36L9802* 10L6084 (without tray) .
4.51GB SCSI-2 F/W Half High HDD w/ tray 94G2651* 76H0959 .
4.51GB Ultrastar XP SCSI-2 Fast/Wide HDD 94G3057* 76H0959 replaces 06H5709 (1)
4.51GB Ultrastar XP Fast HDD 94G3196* 76H0956 replaces 06H6741 (2)
4.51GB SCSI-2 F/W Slim Line HDD w/ tray 94G6489* 93G2970 .
9.1GB F/W SCSI-2 Hot-Swap SL HDD option with Type II Hot-Swap Tray 36L9803* 10L6085 (without tray) (3)
9.1GB Hot-Swap HDD 94G7492* . .
Hot Swap Backplane 70G9740 71G6291 .
SCSI-2 F/W HDD Tray 70G9741* SCSI Address Cable - 06H6145
DASD Tray - 06H3956
Cam assembly - 06H5059
4 position ID cable - 06H3957
SCSI-2 Fast HDD Tray 70G9851* DASD Tray - 71G6292
4 position ID Cable - 06H3957, 06H3592
Cam assembly - 06H5059

(1) Requires SCSI-2 F/W HDD Tray (70G9741)
(2) Requires SCSI-2 HDD Tray (70G9851)
(3) Requires Air Baffle (01K7067)
Document id:  DDSE-45ZS55
Last modified:  2001-08-13
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