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PC Server 500 - Error reporting (S/390)
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Error Reporting (P/390)
The S/390 Microprocessor Complex uses the following methods of error reporting.

POST Error 165 (configuration)

If this error is displayed and the P/390 card does not appear on the installed devices list, it is an indication that one or more of the following problems exist:
- Missing or bad .ADF or .DGS files
- Missing or incorrect statement in the config.sys file. (The statement for the P/390 should be the last line in the config.sys file.)

Dialog Box (Machine Check Errors)
If an error is detected during or after initialization of the P390 card, a Dialog Box with a Machine Check error is displayed. If this occurs, run the P/390 Diagnostic and Option diskette. For a list of common Machine Check errors, see "Machine Check Error Messages."

AWS Error Log
Contains ASKI test information about failures that occurred during operation. Located in the P390 subdirectory on the hard disk drive (path = C:\P390\AWSERROR.LOG ), this file can be edited with a text editor.
Document id:  BJON-3QHCF7
Last modified:  2001-02-02
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