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PC Server 500 - Error codes
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Error Codes
Error Code FRU/Action
0210XX XX
(Internal bus, size unknown)

(External bus, size unknown)
1. SCSI Hard Disk Drive
2. SCSI Adapter or the SCSI controller built into the system board.

3. SCSI Cable
4. SCSI ID Switch (on some models)
02790XXX, 02791XXX
02792XXX, 02793XXX0 27906XX, 027907XX
(Eithernet adapter POST error)
1. Check power and reseat adapter.
2. Ethernet PeerMaster Server Adapter
(Communications to the Ethernet PeerMaster Server Adapter failed or configuration. the adapter failed.)
1. Run Setup and verify the Ethernet PeerMaster Server Adapter
2. Ethernet PeerMaster Server Adapter
0279XXXX 1. Fast/Wide Streaming RAID Adapter/A (FRU No. 06H3059)
2. System Board
3. Signal Pass Through Card (if installed)
Document id:  BJON-3QHCGV
Last modified:  2001-02-01
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