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PC Server 500 - Communication options, part numbers, and replacement part numbers(FRU)
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High Speed adapter options Option part number Replacement part number (FRU) Important information
WAC, CCITT V.24/V.28 Micro Channel 33G8465 MultiFRU .
WAC, CCITT V.35 Micro Channel 33G8466 MultiFRU .
WAC , CCITT X.21 (MCA) 33G8467 MultiFRU .
WAC, EIA RS-422/449 (MCA) 33G8468 . .
FDDI Fiber Base MC Adapter 58G6406 58G6406 .
FDDI Copper Base MC Adapter 58G6407 58G6407 .
FDDI Fiber Extender MC Adapter 58G6412 58G6412 .
FDDI Copper Extender MC Adapter 58G6413 58G6413 .

Other Communications options Option part number Replacement part number (FRU) Important information
ARTIC Multiport Interface Cable 00F5531 00F5524 .
ARTIC High Speed Commun Co-Proc Micro Channel 04G5835 04G5827 .
ARTIC 6-Port X.21/RS232 Cable 05F2028 04G5501 .
MultiFRUARTIC Multiport/2 (512Kb) 09F1897 . .
ARTIC Multiport/2 8-Port RS-232 IF Bd 09F1952 09F1889 .
ARTIC Multiport/2 4-Port RS-232 IF Bd 09F1955 91F7976 .
ARTIC 4-Pt RS-232 & 4-Pt RS-422 IF Bd 09F1958 09F1890 .
Communications Adpt Cable (25-pin) 1502067 8529274 .
ARTIC Multiport/2 8-Port RS-422A IF Bd 15F8852 15F8858 .
ARTIC Mltprt/2 6-Port RS-232C Sync IF Board 15F8861 15F8864 .
ARTIC Multiport/2 Synch Interface Cable 15F8866 15F8868 .
MultiFRUARTIC Multiport/2 Adapter (1MB) 16F1820 . .
ARTIC X.25 IF Co-Proc/2 16F1858 MultiFRU  
ARTIC X.25 IF Co-Proc/2 Cable Opt X.21 16F1865 16F1887 .
ARTIC X.25 IF Co-Proc/2 Cable Opt V.24 16F1869 16F1888 .
ARTIC X.25 IF Co-Proc/2 Cable Opt V.35 16F1871 16F1889 .
MultiFRUARTIC Portmaster Adapter/A (512KB) 53F2601 . .
MultiFRUARTIC Portmaster Adapter/A (1MB) 53F2604 . .
MultiFRUARTIC Portmaster Adapter/A (2MB) 53F2607 . .
ARTIC 8-Port RS-232 IF Board/A 53F2610 53F2612 .
ARTIC 8-Port RS-422 IF Board/A 53F2613 53F2615 .
ARTIC Selectable Interface Board/A 53F2616 84F7540 .
ARTIC Portmaster 8-Port Cable 53F2619 53F2621 .
ARTIC Selectable Cable 53F2622 53F2624 .
ARTIC Surge Protection Adapter 53F2625 53F2627 .
ARTIC Selectable X.21 Cable 57F2746 57F2751 .
ARTIC Selectable V.35 Cable 57F2748 57F2752 .
ARTIC960 EIA232 Cable - 4 Port 61G2918* 61G2919 .
ARTIC960 EIA530 Cable - 4 Port 61G2923* 61G2924 .
ARTIC960 Adpt w/1MB RAM & frmwr 1-pk 61G2925* 61G2916 .
ARTIC960 X.21 Cable - 4 Port 61G2928* 61G2929 .
ARTIC960 V.36 Cable - 4 Port 61G2933* 61G2934 .
ARTIC960 4-Port Application IF Bd, 1-pk 61G2960* 61G2961 .
ARTIC 8-Pt Direct Mod Att Cable Multiport/2 71G3494 71G5052 .
ARTIC 8-Pt Direct Mod Att Cable Portmaster 71G3497 71G5053 .
ARTIC 6-Port V.35 IF Board/A 72F0163 72F0164 .
ARTIC 6-Port V.35 Cable 72F0165 72F1966 .
ARTIC 6-Port X.21 IF Board/A 72F0176 04G5500 .
3270 Connection Adapter/A Micro Channel 74F3465 74F3464 .
Multiprotocol Communications Adapter Micro Channel 92G7516 96F9156

Document id:  DDSE-462PVF
Last modified:  2000-12-08
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