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PC Server 500 - Cable parts listing
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IBM PC Server 500 (Type 8641) Cables

Hold your cursor over a cable for a quick description. Click on the cable to find the part number.

pc server 500 cablesDASD status cablePlanar/control panel cableSystem status cableDiskette drive signal cableCD-ROM SCSI cableSCSI-Fast/Wide cableHard disk drive power cable

Cables (Type 8641)
Replacement part number (FRU)
1 DASD Status Cable 06H5081
2 Planar/Control Panel Cable 06H3406
3 System Status Cable (1X4) 06H3404
4 Diskette Drive Signal Cable(with power) 06H3405
5 CD ROM SCSI Cable (for 2 drives) 06H3751
6 SCSI-Fast/Wide Cable (for 1 drive) 82G3613
7 Hard Disk Drive Power Cable (for 1 drive) 82G3610
. C2 Cable (with Switch) 82G3612
. LED Display Cable 06H6138
. Hot Swap Flex Signal Cable 06H6145
. POS ID Select Cable (Wide) 06H3957
Options (Type 8641)
DASD Hot Swap Tray Assembly (Narrow) 71G6292
POS ID Select Cable (Narrow) 06H3592
220 Watt Power Supply Assembly 06H3237
Document id:  GSMH-3ANK9S
Last modified:  2001-09-05
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