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PC Server 500 - Cable options, part numbers, and replacement part numbers(FRU)
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* Withdrawn
Cable options Option part number Replacement part number (FRU) Important information
SCSI-2 Card to SCSI-2 Option Cable 06H3231* 06H3231 .
0.3m SCSI-2 Option to SCSI-2 Option , External Cable 32G3914* 92F0441 .
0.3m SCSI-2 Option to SCSI Option , External Cable 32G3916* 92F0442 .
0.3m SCSI Option to SCSI Option , External Cable 32G3917* 92F0325 .
0.3m SCSI-2 Upgrade Kit for 3510-0V0, External Cable 32G3920 32G3920 .
0.66m Option to SCSI Option , External Cable 6451042* 34F0018 .
0.8m SCSI-2 8bit Internal Cable 8590 32G3097* 61G3508 .
1m 3511 Wide Upgrade Cable Kit 06H3153* 06H3153 .
1.2m SCSI-2 8bit Internal Cable 8595, Internal Cable 32G3098* 61G3005 .
1.5m SCSI-2 Card to Single Pt SCSI Option , External Cable 32G3099* 71G2590 .
1.5m SCSI-2 Card to SCSI-2 Optio n, External Cable 32G3913* 92F0326 .
1.5m SCSI-2 Card to SCSI Option , External Cable 32G3915* 92F0321 .
1.5m S CSI Card to SCSI Option , External Cable 32G4143* 34F0017 .
Terminator , SCSI-2 16bit Active 32G3918 92F0432 .
Terminator , SCSI 8bit Active 32G3919 92F0057 .
0.8m SCSI-2 16Bit Internal Cable 8590 32G3921* 61G3511 .
1.2m SCSI-2 16Bit Internal Cable 8595 32G3922* 92F0327 .
SCSI Internal Converter (68-pin cable to 50-pin device) 32G3925 92F0324 .
Serial Adapter Cable 10ft. 6450217* 8286170 .
Serial Adapter Connector Cable 10in. 6450242* 8286194 .
OEM Scanner Adapter Cable 07F4410* .
Parallel Printer Cable 1525612 8529214 .
Two-Drop SCSI F/W Internal Cable 94G6065* . .
PS/2 MicroChannel to MainFrame Connection 95F1436 . .

Document id:  DDSE-462NZX
Last modified:  2000-12-08
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