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5.25" Ext Drive Adapter.  (360 and 1.2MB versions)
4869 Ext Floppy 
General Floppy Info
Drive Pinouts
Data Migration Facility
Mountain Mach-2 Tape Controller (Mach2 Compression))

Repairing the 1.44MB Drive (by Al Savage)

Diskette Drive and Diskette Issues   Includes:
H09135 Diskette drive problems, contamination, etc.  
H031798 Damaged 3.5" Diskette Drives [internal component damage, 8525 to 8580]
H097490 2.88 MB Diskette Drive Problem Determination [1MB and 2MB scratch disk OK]
H096993 PS/2 or Valuepoint Diskette Drive Failures [ZERO_DMA.SYS, pre-DOS 6.0]
H02694 Diskette Compatibility [floppy thickness and coating]
H034911 Diskette & Diskette Drive Format Compatibility
H025645 Diskette Drive Bus Adapter Causes Various Errors/Symptoms [8550]
H037906 System Update Diskette Ver 1.02 Now Available [DASDDRVR.SYS ver 1.56]
   DASDDRVR  From a book [need to research] More human readable...

Programming Floppy Disk Controllers

Intel FDCs
   82077AA  290166.pdf
   82077SL Datasheet 
   82078 44 pin  29047403.PDF
   82078 64 pin  29047504.PDF

National Semiconductor

       Similar to  -A, differences are Motor On Time (MNT) in Mode 1, NSC command results
       8477B (73H) and 8477A (72H)


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