General Error Codes

 If multiple errors occur during POST, resolve them in the order that they are presented. 

NOTE: The correct procedure for using the Personal System/2 reference diskette is to power on the system with the diskette inserted in the diskette drive. Soft booting the reference diskette (ie. Ctrl-Alt-Del) may cause false errors as well as a false indication that a power-on password is already present when you try to set one.

[ed. I can't remember having issues from a warm boot while working on a PS/2, -BUT- if the system refuses to apply configuration changes, cold boot.]

   Always cold boot and run Advanced Diagnostics (go into System Programs and at the main menu do a Ctrl-A) before replacing components when trying to resolve software problems. If diags don't fail, replacing components will probably not solve the problem. Refer to the software vendor for possible patches. The software may not be supported on the system. 

Multiple POST Error Procedure
   If more than one error code is displayed, diagnose the first error code first. The cause of the first error code could cause other devices to fail. This is especially important with configuration errors.

   If no error codes appear, see if the error symptoms are listed in the Error list.

   If an adapter consists of multiple FRUs (memory for example) remove the optional FRUs one at a time to see if symptoms change before replacing the adapter.

   External surge suppressors may be the source for hard to diagnose problems.

General Error Codes
Major Error Code -----------+---+
                            |   |
                            |   |
Trailing Zeros   -------- 0024 01XX
to fill 8 digits                 ||
Minor (diagnostic Error Code)----++
The Error Code is written in the 4 + 4 style as it appears on a PS/2 Mod. 95 LED-panel and in the Premium Line "extended 8-digits" form. The bold part in the middle is the so called "Major Error Code" and -basically and in large parts- identical with the PC/AT Error Codes and those used on earlier PS/2 machines. 

The 2 digits of the "Minor Error Code" is dependent on the type of the error and -mostly- only specified when running the Advanced Diagnostics. The minor error code is however often given at POST-Errors (after restarting the computer) and might specify a particular error condition. In case the minor error code is marked with "XX" in the follow-up error lists it means "Don't care" and it can be any character. 
Codes 100 - 159 Codes 160 - 199 Codes 200 - 299
Codes 300 - 999 Codes 1000 - 1499 Codes 1500 - 2999
Codes 3000 - 9999 Codes 10000 - 11999 Codes 12000-14999
Codes 15000-19999
Codes 20000-29999

For a chart how to determine a failing memory module on 
Mod. 56/57, 76/77, 85 and 90/95 see Here !

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