Remington 788
  I got my 6mm Rem 788 from my Dad in the early 70s. It shot a 5 round 1/2" group with 100gr Browning factory loads AND the horrid stock trigger.

Rem 788 Schematic from Gun Parts Corporation
Rem 788 Parts on Numrich Arms (Gun Parts Corp)
Remington Barrel date Code (Wisner's)
Reminton Arms 788 Overview
Remington788 Owner's Manual
Remington 788 Bolt Disassembly Youtube video
Merit Corporation Aperture sight disks
Williams Gunsight Company Lone maker of rear sights for the 788, FP-788 (Left Hand and Target Knobs available)
Lyman M Dies

Notes on the Remington 788

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Calibers Available from Remington
.222 Rem. – 1967 – 1980, 1982
.223 Rem. – 1975
.22-250 Rem. – 1967
.243 Win. 1968; w/ 18 ½" barrel 1980
6mm. Rem. – 1969 – 1980
6mm. Rem. LH – 1969 – 1980
7mm-08 Rem. – 1980 w/ 18 ½" barrel
.308 Win. – 1969
.308 Win. LH – 1969 – 1980; w/ 18 ½" barrel 1980
.30-30 Win. – 1967 – 1970
.44 Rem. Mag. – 1967 – 1970

SAAMI Specs for 6mm Remington (may be dated!)

RCBS Precision Mic 88306 6mm Rem

  My 6mm Remington has a tight chamber. Just getting the headspace gage is worth it. You can adjust your dies to damn near .001 so your cases will fit just so in your chamber. Accurate and repeatable!
NOTE: The crappy PrecisionMic.pdf is straight from RCBS.

Measured Headspace in my 6mm 788
RCBS says min/max headspace is 1.7767 / 1.7867. A whole .010 of slop as it were. My just fired cases come out as 1.7771, averaging .0004 above the minimum headspace.

Lyman M Die for 6mm uses M2 expander body, and the 24R plug.
M" Die dimensions from Lyman

Diameters +.0000/-.0005
Rifle First Second

Plugs Step Step Bullet sizes
24R .242 .246 .243


Lyman M Die Description

RCBS, SAECO, and Lyman Moulds and Top Punches
  Top punches have same dimensions. Top punch varies with bullet shape.
Mould  Gr     TP
244203 60/95? 203
245496 84     203
245497 93     203
245498 99     498
245499 108    203

Mould      Gr  TP
243-095-SP 95  509

Mould       TP    Alternate TP
85gr. TCGC  24243 *LR 46500 ? Perhaps 46501...
*(LR = Lyman/RCBS)

6mm Gas Checks

  Hornady makes them (Hornady #7020), I paid @ $23/Thou from Grafs and Sons (Feb 2011). Use # HRN7020

Bullet Sizer Die
  Most posts that I see mention using .a sizer that is .001 over the jacketed bullet diameter. The two sizes comonly available for the 6mm are .243 and .244.

RCBS 243-095-SP Ballistic Coefficient .258
Front Sight
  God help me, but they look like a shark fin. I have two, one with no markings, the other with an "H" stamped on it.
Front blade width is .095 for each sight. My initial guess is the shorter sight is for the .222 and other flat shooting calibers. The H blade is for the larger, slower calibers.

 To find blade height if you don't want to take it off:

Example: 6mm uses H blade.
Measure at highest point of blade to other side of barrel: 1.452"
Measure diameter of barrel below blade's tip, .621"
Half of .621 is .310 (find height above center of bore)
1.451 - .310 is 1.142  Sight height for front sight is 1.142 above center of bore.

Unmarked blade is @ .800" hight
"H" blade is @ .835" high

Scope Bases
   An endearing trait of the 788 is the empties bouncing off the scope or mount and back into the action. A scope can be rotated to turn the knobs out of the way. The one piece Weaver style base will hang over the ejection port, unless you mill it to match the ejection port. An old timer solution is the redfield

Redfield 1-Piece Standard Scope Base Remington 788 Extra Long Action

Williams Foolproof
Installation instructions for FP-788 Yes, I got mine... 25 years or so late, but...
FP-788 Rem788 if factory drilled and tapped.
FP-788-TK Rem788 if factory drilled and  tapped.
FP-788LH For Remington 788 left hand action.
FP-788LH-TK For Remington 788 left hand action.
* New models not drilled and tapped use FP-740AP
TK - Target Knobs, also available seperately.

Elevation Gib Screw is available thru Brownell's, ebuy, and Williams, so you can quickly adjust for elevation.
   NOTE: This may require fitting by grinding the tip of the threads to fit some sights.

FP-788 Aperture Heights above Bore Centerline
   Note that the bottom of the cross beam will bottom on the top of the reciever. All distances are approximate, anything past .010" is dubious...
Height of aperture above bore centerline when lowered: .721
Height of aperture above bore centerline when raised:  .835
Height of aperture above bore centerline mid-travel: .785

Mounting Screw for FP-788-TK

  6x48, threaded portion @ .180, OAL @ .290 Thankfully, the Brownell Screw Assortment has a very close screw, @ .160 thread length. Nice after the original mounting screw drops on the floor and is making noise a second after you loose sight of it...

Williams Front Sight Ramp
9/16 - .312N

Marble Arms Front Sight Ramp With Dovetail Slot

Barrel Diameter Sight  Height Mfg#
0.625 .100” 072310
*Height measured from bottom of radius to bottom of Dovetail.

Lyman Series 17A Target Front Sights

17A Target Sights are machined from a solid piece of steel and are designed to be mounted in 3/8"dovetail slots. They are supplied with eight interchangeable inserts (see photo and
description) that are locked in place with a threaded cap.

Lyman 17A Sight Heights*
17AEU (#3171074) (European Dovetail) . . .464
17AHB (#3171076) . . . . . . .404
17AMI (#3171078) . . . . . . .494
17AUG (#3171080) . . . . . . .584
*From bottom of dovetail to center of aperture.
* 17AEU uses a .360" metric dovetail!

  20MJT Globe Front Sght is .700 above base. Costs more, comes with Anshutz style insets.

  The stock, cast aluminum housed trigger sucks.

Removing the stock trigger
   Loosen the allen screw at the front of the trigger housing. This takes the pressure off the cross pin. The cross pin (roll pin) that holds the trigger on the stud is 3/32. Be careful when removing it as the sear can snap off if you mistakenly hammer on the trigger housing. Worse yet, the small stud could be damaged if you whang away on the trigger body. Once you remove the cross pin, carefully wiggle the trigger down. Remember, the sear is still protruding up into the action.

Remington 788 Trigger Modification
Rifle Magazine Jan-Feb 1975 Back Issues available for $8 each
Read  "Modifying the 788 Trigger"  for instructions before proceeding!  Images and text are copywrite  Wolfe Publishing Company  Rifle Magazine, Vol 7, no 1, 1975 Jan-Feb (pg. 35 and 47)

Click on image for higher resolution image

Disclaimer I am NOT a professional gunsmith, No warranty is expressed or implied. From my experience in performing the modification, the trigger is somewhat improved, but I bought a Canjar in order to get a decent repeatable trigger pull. Now that Canjar is no more, the only game in town is the Timney Trigger.

Timney Trigger

Installation Instructions from Timney

Install Timney Trigger
Loosen the trigger mounting screw (1) and drive out the roll pin (5) that's holding the trigger assembly to the receiver
Attach Timney® trigger to the action with the roll pin (5) and tighten the trigger mounting screw (1)so that it is snug and the assembly does not move around on the receiver
Check operation of the safety, it should engage in both positions with a definite click.

Adjust Timney Trigger
Screw (3) is the pull weight adjustment screw. Turn this screw clockwise to increase the pull weight and counter-clockwise to reduce the pull weight.
Screw (2) (front, behind the safety) is the over-travel adjustment screw and screw (4) (rear,  behind the safety) is the sear engagement adjustment screw. These screws are set to their
optimum settings during testing at the factory, so it should not be necessary to change these settings. If you feel it is necessary to make adjustments to these please call the factory first.
NOTE: There is no sear engagement adjustment screw (4) on mine. There is no long trigger pull, just a nice, crisp trigger.

  Picked one up at a gunshow in Feb 2011, still in blister pack. Owner sold the 788 before he could install it...

Installation notes: There is a pivot pin for the safety lever that extends on both sides, the left side is the shaft end, the right side is a wide head. In the original stock, you have to relieve a narrow path on the left side of the trigger well, the right side needs a wide well for the flat head, and the front of the trigger well needs to be opened forward to accept the longer trigger housing body. I think this should have no clearance issues in a RamLine, my RamLine stock seemed canaverous in comparison.

Canjar Triggers
Canjar made a Hunter and a target trigger. Canjar is out of business. I had to use a nibbler and a file to open up the floor plate opening for the wide trigger shoe used by the Canjar trigger. You will also have to drill an access hole in the floor plate to reach the Canjar's weight adjustment hex screw on the bottom of the trigger.

Bolt Dimensions
  The 788s share the same bolt diameter, .700" The bolts vary in length, depending on the case length. The longer the case, the shorter the bolt.
.222 Rem Bolt Length 5.480 Bolt is stamped "2"
6mm Rem Bolt Length 5.165   Bolt is stamped "3"

Wolff BLITZSCHNELL striker springs  The788 used two styles of a firing pin, flat and round. 20lb stock springs. 22 and 26 pound models available. Snap, my 6mm has the flat firing pin.

Firing Pin Hole
Remington down-sized its model 788 firing pin from the usual 078/080 to 058 because primers were blowing with its extra light (and extra fast) striker.

Titanium Firing Pins?
  I dimly remember someone offered them. Can't find any.

Recoil Lug
Tubb Remington 700 Custom Recoil Lug
   Description -- Surface ground, extra thick recoil lugs greatly improve bedding quality, and rifle accuracy. Available in black oxide or stainless steel. Will also fit Remington788.

Original Remington 788 Recoil Lug
  .317" thick

Recoil Lug Alignment Tool For Remington Bolt Action Rifles
Tool (screw and nut included) keeps recoil lug from turning while installing a barrel. Attaches to the forward action mounting screw hole. Fits Remington 788 rifles.

Basic Action Dimensions (all calibers)
  Action diameter: 1.326" Measured my 6mm and a pair of .222s, both share the same diameter and length.

Barrel Threads: In short, the 700 barrels will not fit.
Rem 700
Thread 1 1/16" (1.062") X 16
Engagement .69 (11 threads)

Rem 788
Thread 1" (1.000") X 20
Engagement 1.1" (22 threads)

Rebarreling a Remington 788 on
    The 788 has a 1-20 pitch threaded shank that is 1.560 long. Why such a long shank on the 788 barrel and why a thread relief in the middle?  Dave, you will have to ask the design folks at Remington as to why such a long shank. The bolt enters the front of the action only about 3/16 inch. No gas bleed port needed with this little entry. The relief cut is to allow clearance for the front action screw. It barely touches the barrel when tightened at this point. Threads would get damaged if they were there. I guess they could have gone with a shorter screw, but the action wall is .05 thinner than a M700. Who knows what Wayne Leek was thinking on this one. A unique design to say the least. The relief is for the front action screw. I suspect that the long engagement is to stiffen the joint. I have read that the whole action was designed to cost less than a 700. Seems to me though that the 700 could have been done just as easily on a turning center as folks are now doing with 700 clones.

Action "Lengths" actually the distance between the two action mounting bolts:
   Long 243, 6mm, 308, 7mm-08 7.1" Hole Spacing
   Short 222, 223, 22-250, 30-30 6-3/4" Hole Spacing (I guess the .44mag is also the "short" action)

Action Screws
Guard Screw, Front   1/4 x 28. Shank 1.131" long overall, threaded portion @ .208"
Guard Screw, Rear    12 x 28. Shank 1.048" long overall, threaded portion @ .244"

Rear Screw Boss
  .311" diameter, .487" long, 12 x 28 thread.


Ram-Line Syntech Stock
27881 Ram-Line Syntech Stock Rem 788 243, 6mm, 308, 7mm-08 with 7.1" Hole Spacing
78023 Ram-Line Syntech Stock Rem 788 222, 223, 22-250, 30-30 with 6-3/4" Hole Spacing

Personal comments on #27881 for 6mm - Fits the stock barrel and hardware perfectly. Not sure if the barrel is free floated (the dollar bill does not fit). The floorplate is a very snug, but everything lines up just so. Looks to be a pressure point at the front of the barrel channel. The stock is quite thin to the rear of the bolt handle, I suppose to provide generous clearance to any trigger mechanism.

Thickness at Front Guard Screw is .985"
Thickness at Rear Guard Screw is 1.290"
  These widths do not include the floorplate thickness.

       From Silver Hill Company out of Linwood, NC. Made from AMERICAN BLACK WALNUT with cheekpiece and palm swell.  Some fitting and finishing required.

Boyd's Gunstocks out of Mitchell, SD   They offer replacement and thumbhole stocks for the short and long action. Their Laminate is >cheaper< than RamLine! Walnut and laminate available.

Semi-finished -
"Semi-Inlet parts refer to parts that have been completely shaped and 95% machine inlet.  Therefore, your “semi inlet” product may require a significant amount of modification to achieve acceptable fit and clearance for your firearm.  We have left proud wood over metal so you can do the final fitting to get that perfect wood-to-metal fit. Stocks are rough sanded to an 80 or 100 grit scratch pattern, depending on wood material (i.e. laminate/hardwood) and minor machining marks may be present. No swivel stud mounting holes are provided. Unless otherwise specified, are shipped with a Boyds’ butt plate."

Notes on the Competition Electronics ProChrono Digital Chronograph
System identifies USB to serial dongle as "FT232R USB UART" Vista has built-in drivers.
FTDI Application Notes

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