Artist Winsprint (5090)
@80C5.adf   Artist Winsprint (5090)  BayRiver 1000 Series INTRO Program  BayRiver 1000 Series Win95 driver Version 1.00k (256 color)  BayRiver 1000 MC Series Windows NT 3.51 Driver Version 1.5  BayRiver 1000 Series OS/2 2.11/Warp Driver Version 1.23 
ADF Sections

Artist Winsprint (5090)
JP1 Video Out 
JP2 Jumper for? 
JP3 Jumper for? 
R2 Bourns 3323 Potentiometer or BCD? 
U1 TI TMS34020GBL-32 
U6 32.000000 MHz Osc
U7 Artist 1-GA 105J 
U28-U35 TI TMS44C251-1SD 
U36 72 pin SIMM socket 
U42 108.000 MHz Osc 
U43 TI TLC34075-110FN 
U46-U53 TI TMS44C251-1SD

AdapterId 080C5H ARTIST 1000 MC Series  Version 1.1

PC I/O Address
     <03EXh & 07EXh>, 02CXh & 06CXh, 02DXh & 06DXh, 02EXh & 06EXh 

PC Memory Address - Below 1MB
   The default PC memory address is 0xCC00. This 16 Kbyte block in PC  memory maps into two 8 Kbyte windows in the GPX memory space.  These 8 Kbyte windows can each be mapped to start at any 8 Kbyte boundary in the GPX memory space.  By using the system configuration utility 
to configure memory usage the user is assured of a non-conflicting selection.  If the PC memory address is configured as disabled the software you are using with the ARTIST 1000 MC Series graphic controllerwill use the default. 
     <CC00-CFFF>, C800-CBFF, D000-D3FF, D400-D7FF, D800-DBFF, DC00-DFFF, Disabled 

Data Bus Sizing
   The ARTIST 1000 MC Series graphic controller can be configured to operate in a 16 bit Micro Channel card slot or a 32 bit Micro Channelcard slot. 
     <32 Bits>, 16 Bits 

Interrupt Level
     The ARTIST 1000 MC Series graphic controller can be configured to use Interrupt 5, 7, 10, 11 or interrupts may be disabled 
     <Disabled>, IRQ 5, IRQ 7, IRQ 10, IRQ 11 

PC Memory Address - Above 1MB
     A PC memory address above 1MB should only be used for UNIX systems. The default is that decoding above 1MB is disabled 
     <Disabled>, 2MB - 4MB, 4MB - 6MB, 6MB - 8MB, 8MB - 10MB, 10MB - 12MB, 12MB - 14MB, 14MB - 16MB 

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