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Internal Network Adapters (INAs)
installing/adding a network card option
   1402217 - Token Ring 16/4
   1402218 - 10baseT ethernet only
   13A0295 - IPDS
Installing a font card/font cartridge
installing the 100-Sheet Auxiliary Feeder or the Envelope+ Feeder
Toner Cartridge
   changing the toner cartridge and using the fuser cleaner bar (felt pad)
Duplex Unit
   installing the duplex unit
W95 Drivers
Hard Drive
Using 4039 Cartridge
   Updating the engine code on the printer  (Flash ver 43.94)
Does Not Pick Up Paper

25 MHz AMD® 29030 32-bit RISC processor 
      The only two differences between the Optra R and the R+ is that the R+ (as you noted) will print out at 16ppm whereas the R will do 12ppm. The other difference is that the R+ offers collating of multiple page print
jobs on board the printer (not thru the software on the p.c which is common now).  The benefit is that it allows the user to regain control of the p.c. more quickly.  The toner cartridge is the same for all the Optra's (monochrome)and you can buy it in either 7,000 pages or 14,000 pages (which is more economical).  The add-on's (duplexing, 500 sheet 2nd drawers, flash memory ...)will fit the whole family of Optra machines range. The only exception is the dual paper feeder off the back of the machine and that is designed for the Plus models.

The Optra Plus is the same engine and controller as the Optra, but with a different P-SIMM.  The Optra can be upgraded to a Plus by replacing the P-SIMM in a kit from Lexmark.

expandable to 64MB (4,8,16 and 32MB) using 72 pin 70ns SIMMs, FPM and EDO supported.
RAMSmart intelligent memory management 
100MB hard drive option 

Flash Memory Option
 Flash memory is useful for storing information like downloaded fonts and macros. Information stored in flash memory is retained when the printer is turned off and can be quickly retrieved by the printer.
  Flash Memory Options with 1, 2, or 4MB of flash memory.
 Use the Toolkit utility shipped with your printer to download fonts, symbol
 sets, or macros to flash memory. Refer to the Technical Reference for
 more details about using your Flash Memory Option.

ROM Simms (in socket that runs up/down on front of the mainboard)
1381840 R/Rt/L/Lx/Rx
1381872 Lx+/R+/Rt+

Regular memory (in sockets that run side/side on top of the mainboard):
1364877 - 4mb, Rx/L/Lx
1364921 - 2mb, R/Rt
1364876 - 8mb, Lxi 

Internal Network Adapters (INAs) or Internal Option Port (IOP)
Russ Blakeman (personal Lexmark support for the Ardent Tool!) wrote: 
According to my Optra service manual for the LX and R series the INAs are:

1381050 - localtalk

1402217 - Token Ring 16/4
J1 Local bus header
J2 DB9 TR port
J3 Unknown
U1 LSI L1A7648 1328481
U2 N80C186-16
U3,4 TC518512AF-80
U9 50G6144ESD
U11,12 CY7C188-25VC
U13 1333510 BIOS even?
U14 1333511 BIOS odd?
Y1 32.0000 MHz osc
50G6144ESD trivia HERE

1402218 - 10baseT ethernet only
CR3 Activity LED
J1 ?
J2 Outline for BNC?
J3 RJ-45
J4 ?
U1 LSI L1A7648 1328481
U2 N80C186-16
U3,4 TC518512AF-80
U9 ?
Y1 ?
Y2 ?

1402219 - 10base2 ethernet only (Thanks, Rick!)
1446702 - Combined ethernet 10base2/T
13A0294 - SCS (BNC or twinax, no cable adapter)

13A0295 - IPDS (BNC or twinax, no adapter)
D3 Unk
D4/5  CU / Share LEDs
J1 Pads for emulator port
J2 44 pin header
J3 Parallel/Serial cable
J6 Local bus header
J7 44 pin header
J8 44 pin emulator port
J11 BNC port
IC5 Xilinx XC3030-70 
IC6 I960KA20
IC7 I961KA-20
IC8 72 pin SIMM
IC9 40.000 MHz osc
IC10 VLSI VY06282-2 Supercigar
IC12 BIOS? 30H3679 
ST1 (BNC) three pin header
ST1 (IPDS) three pin header
ST2 (IPDS) three pin header
X1 18.867 MHz osc

The parallel/serial cable port is the funky "beam" type used on the Server 500 backplane for the DASD Status cable header.
Mine had a Smart SM532512LP-7 with four NEC 424260-70 chips, two front, two back. Pins 68 and 69 are grounded.
This card has IBM stickers all over. The actual manufacturer is idata a/s, Denmark

13A0296, 0297, 0298 SCS or IPDS adapters for DB9 to twinax, BNC or DB9 setup.

BTW, the rear envelope feeder that fits the 4039's in yukky green/olive are
the same thing as the pretty beige and blue ones sold for the 4049 Optras,
just different pigment in the plastic.

The envelope feeder will have a picture of an envelope on the feeder.
 The 100 Sheet feeder will have a picture of a piece of paper. 
 1408893 Envelope+ Feeder
 1364895 100-Sheet Auxiliary Feeder

 Once you get a 10baseT card get the MarkVision software, setup a network address, and then let the software auto-detect the options in the printer. Less crap to deal with and you can tell hpw the print server is responding with the printer.

Toner Cartridges
There are two toner cartridges for the Optra series.  P/N 1382100 is a 7000 page cartridge (at 5% coverage).  P/N 1382150 is a 14000 page cartridge (at 5% coverage). This single unit contains the drum and toner supply.  No other items are required. (Ed. I have seen a Lexmark box with PN 1382650, listing the Rx/+, Lx/+ etc. Replaces Part numbers 1380950 and 1382150. These cartriges are/were 1380950's which are taken back by Lexmark and totally reconditioned/remanufactured)
   These cartridges work with the Lexmark Optra R+, Optra Rn+, Optra Rt+, Optra Lx+, Optra Lxi+, Optra Lxn+, 4039 10plus, 3112 and 3116 printers.

The R+ comes standard with collating on board so if you are printing multiple copies of a duplexed report the Optra can handle it.  Operating cost;  if you use the 7,000 page toner cartridge the cost per page is about .03 cents.  If you use the 14,000 page toner cartridge the cost per page goes down to about .02 cents (that includes paper0  you need not worry about additional parts that need to be replaced  because when the toner
cartridge is replaced about 70% of the print process is also replaced -
thus assuring the user of consistently clear, crisp output

Duplex Unit
  You MUST have both the duplex unit (part # 1408904) and the tray, or it WON'T work!

Duplex Feed Unit P/N 1408904

   The duplexor is very easy to remove/reinstall. The printer software does
"Plug 'n Play" on it. You have the duplexor itself and a duplexor tray. Pull the standard tray out, put the duplexor tray in. Remove the front exit cover, open the top cover, pop the two small plastic guards that cover the guides where you hang the duplexor, "hang" the duplexor on the printer. The biggest trick would be not losing the front exit cover or the two small plastic covers while you are duplexing.

Envelope Feeder
   All you do is remove the rear manual tray and slip this in it's place, then plug the little cable into the Env/AUX connector and the driver should auto-magically recognize it. If not cycle the  power and it should then.

Win95 Drivers
Gary R. Webster wrote:
   Windows 95 does not support 32-bit printer drivers.  Lexmark does, however, have two packages on our bulletin board, ftp site, and web site which contain 16-bit PostScript printer driver files, written specifically for Windows 95.  The package names are MPWN95AE.EXE and MPLX952E.EXE.  These packages are different from the previous 16-bit packages that worked in Windows 3.1x.

MPWN95AE.EXE contains the .SPD files for use with Microsoft's PostScript driver (PSCRIPT.DRV) which ships with the operating system.  There is also a readme.1st file which describes how to install the printer driver for your printer.

MPLX952E.EXE contains Lexmark's custom PostScript Level 2 printer driver (LEXPS). This package will contain all of the files necessary to install that driver.  There is a file in the package called readme.1st which contains a list of all of the files that will be installed for this driver.  This file also contains information on how to install.

Hard Drive Option

 up to (and not including) 1 GB: Optra, Optra Plus (firmware level up  through 52.29),
3. I noticed that to install a harddisk, it requires a specially
designed mounting unit so that it can hang on the three plastic pins.
How can I get around this instead of buying harddisk from Lexmark (a
whopping $700 for 100MB!)

Optra Printer Using a 4039 Cartridge
   Beginning with engine code level 43.74, 4039 cartridges will now print in Optra machines.
      *The 4039 cartridge is generally not recommended for use in Optra, especially not for 1200 dpi applications. For heavy graphicsuse, continue to use the Optra toner cartridge for the best print quality.
   *The 4039 cartridge may be used for some special applications, such as label or cardstock printing. Also, it is important to use the 4039 fuser wiper that comes packaged with the 4039 cartridge. 
   *Machines that have earlier code levels may have the new code flashed to upgrade them.
   Use a 4039 print cartridge (part number 1380850 or 1380950) in Optra and Optra plus laser printers that are dedicated to printing labels. Machine
engine code level 43.74 or higher is required to use the 4039 cartridges in
your Optra and Optra plus printer. Print the menus page from the Tests
Menu to determine the level of engine code installed in your printer.

Timo Autiokari
   The Optra R+ (and most of the Lexmark new PS printers) *can* be calibrated. It is easy, one only needs to send the calibration data as a PostScript file to the printer, there after the printer is calibrated until it is powered off. If the printer has a flash memory card or a hard disk the calibration can be written in either and it will be persistent until it is changed.

Howard C. Cochran
   I would like to point out that Lexmark laser printers are designed to provide a nearly linear gray curve, so long as one of the printer's builtin halftone screens is used. 
   In Mr. Autiokari's case, he configured the driver for a higher screen frequency of 130 lpi.  Such user-defined screens are uncalibrated, so they can appear dark due to dot gain.  If you stick to the printer's built-in screen, calibration is generally unnecessary.

Paper Does Not Pick Up from Tray
   If you are experiencing the problem that the paper does not pick up from the paper tray, you probably need to replace the rubber band-like part that grabs the paper. You can fix it yourself. Just order part 69G5480 for the built-in paper tray, or part 1039540 for the optional extra tray. You will get extra parts with the 69G part, but that's the only way to order it.


                     Lexmark has a new transparency that is exclusively for Optra 4049
                     printer cartridges. It is made by 3M Company with the Lexmark
                     name and part number -- 1402810 (8.5 X 11), and 1402809 (A4).
                     This particular foil will NOT be recommended for 4019, 4029 or
                     4039 printers. It has been thoroughly tested and approved by 3M and
                     Product Assurance and shown to provide high quality for the
                     demands of our Optra customers, even with 1200 dpi. 

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