6157 Streaming Tape Drive
@DFBF.ADF   IBM 6157 Tape Adapter Card 

6157 Streaming Tape Drive Adapter

It has a male DB37 external port. 
The base circuitboard is brown 
U28 is the only non-DIP chip on the adapter. 
U28 is brown in color. It has a metal top with a sunken center. 

-001 Model Highlights
       The 6157 is designed to provide a stand-alone tape backup unit which stores up to 55Mb of data (Burst data rate of 5Mb/minute) on a standard 1/4-inch tape cartridges (uses the QIC-2 interface). It allows the user to transfer data from a fixed disk to a tape cartridge for safe storage or data interchange.  The 6157 allows either a file-image backup or a file-by-file backup.  To enhance performance, the unit formats the tape while recording and the read-after-write head detects errors while recording. The LED on the front panel of the unit is used to indicate drive status to the user. 

-002 Model Highlights
       The IBM 6157 Model 002 provides the same functions and features as the Model 001.  The Model 002 offers more than double the storage capacity (150Mb/cartridge) of the Model 001.  The 6157 Model 002 has a read/write speed of 150Mb in 30 minutes (approximately 5Mb 
per minute). Tapes recorded on the Model 001 are readable on the Model 002.  Tapes recorded on the Model 002 are not readable on the Model 001. 

       The SY-TOS/IBM 6157 Tape Utilities, when combined with the IBM 6157 Streaming Tape Drive, provide an easy-to-use, versatile, and high performance tape save/restore system for the IBM Personal Computer.  The utilities come with two menu systems: 
o   EZ-function 
o   Advance. 
       SY-TOS/IBM 6157 Tape Utilities support file, partition, or entire disk backup and restore.  A security system, library system, multiple file sessions on the same tape, and online HELP system are 
features in SY-TOS.  SY-TOS is a trademark of Sytron Corporation. 

       SY-TOS/IBM 6157 Tape Utilities, combined with the IBM 6157 Streaming Tape drive, provide an easy-to-use, versatile, high performance tape save/restore system.  The utilities come with two menu systems:  EZ-Function and Advance.  In addition to the menu systems, SY-TOS/IBM 6157 Tape Utilities provide the capability to enter commands directly from the DOS prompt.  SY-TOS/IBM 6157 Tape Utilities also provide a configuration utility to allow customization of the program. 
       A security system for both tape and disk access is provided. The utility supports file, partition, or disk transfers; in addition, there is the capability to restore selected files from a disk backup. 
       Multiple file sessions and disk sequences can reside on the same tape.  The ability to have several tape volumes for systems whose disk capacity is larger than the tape capacity is also 
supported.  SY-TOS/IBM 6157 Tape Utilities allow the user to restore information to another disk. 
       SY-TOS/IBM 6157 Tape Utilities provide the ability to have the system select files based on user specified criteria.  The menu systems, configuration utility, Library system, Journal option, and 
online Help system combine to make SY-TOS/IBM 6157 Tape Utilities a powerful, yet easy-to-use product. 
       SY-TOS Version 2.0 includes support for the IBM Token-Ring network and Novell(2) network operating with the IBM Token-Ring Network Adapters. 

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