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5250 Adapter 
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5250 Emulation Adapter/A
U1 7378945ESD 
U3 93X2670ESD 
U4 Intel N8259A 
U5 Siemens SAB 8088-2-P 
A,B,C KM44C256BJ-10 
Y1 24.0000MHz 

The port is a male DB-15 (not HDD15!) The card is marked 93X2695  and another sticker says "To replace card order PN 69X6294" 

Fred Mau
   15-pin *male* connector on the PC board ? Almost has to be a 5250 Display Station Emulation Adapter (DSEA), It's the only cards Ive ever heard of that uses a 15-pin male. It allows a PC to act as a terminal on an AS/400 twinaxial network. There should also be a pigtail about 12" long with a twinaxial T connector on one end and 15-pin female on the other end that attaches to this card. 
   My HMM shows the (early, for system 36/38) 5250 DSEA as being a 69X6294 or the (later, for AS/400) 5250 DSEA as being a 64G3506, but maybe there were some variants. 

AdapterId ECFF IBM 5250 Emulation Adapter/A

Memory Address
   This allows you to choose the memory address for the adapter. Each adapter must have a unique address range.
  <"DC000-DDFFF">, C0000-C1FFF, C4000-C5FFF, C8000-C9FFF, CC000-CDFFF, D0000-D1FFF, D4000-D5FFF, D8000-D9FFF
;  DE000-DFFFF, C2000-C3FFF, C6000-C7FFF, CA000-CBFFF, D2000-D3FFF, D6000-D7FFF, DA000-DBFFF

I/O Address
   I/O address for adapter. Each adapter must have a unique address.  
    <"01000-0107F" (01000-0107F)>, 01800-0187F, 02400-0247F, 02800-0287F, 05400-0547F, 0A400-0A47F, 0E000-0E07F, 0F800-0F87F

Interrupt Level
   Interrupt level for the adapter or disable the adapter from interrupting. 
  Interrupts 9, 10, 11, 12 will be implemented in the future, at which time the comment marker will be removed. (Ed. Note that Disabled is commented out..)
  <"Interrupt 5>,6
  ;  9, 10, 11, 12, Disabled

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