Miscellaneous Errors

Symptom/Error FRU/Action
Drive letters changed unexpectedly after installing OS/2 or a SCSI adapter. 1. This is normal. Use setup to change drive letters back to  desired settings.
Intermittent failures. (See "Undetermined Problems"  before replacing  FRUs) (*) 1.  Power Supply
2.  Power Supply Fans 
3. Any Device or Adapter 
Diskette drive LED stays on. 1.  Diskette Drive
Hard disk LED stays on.  1.  Hard Disk Drive 
2.  System Board
Hard disk LED not working but computer is completely functional. 1. Control/Speaker Assembly 
2.  System Board 
Reference Diskette does not start. 1. Diskette Drive 
2. System Board 
3. Diskette Drive Cable 
4. Reference Diskette
Read / write errors on 2.88MB floppy.  If drive was just installed either down level IML code was loaded or that model doesn't support 2.88MB drives. 1.  Use View configuration to see if floppy is listed as a 2.88MB. If not, load the latest RefDisk onto System Partition. 
Image Adapter/A Memory Test failure indicated by graphic representation of adapter. 1.  Memory Module (shown in graphic)
IML image was updated, Diskette and F1 error prompt appears. 1. Verify an operating system has been loaded onto default HD. 
IML image was updated, Diskette icon appears and I99903XX appears on information panel (95). 1. Verify an operating system has been loaded onto default HD.
Internal Data/Fax modem doesn't communicate with remote modem/fax. Note:  Make sure the serial device power option is set to "on" under Set Features  1. Check that communication software settings are suitable for communication. 
2. Internal Data/Fax Modem 
3. System Board
Internal Data/Fax modem does not respond to software and diagnostics find no problem. 1. Check in power configuration and verify the modem is turned on.
Program load error during remote IPL from the file server. 1. Network Adapter
Program loads from hard disk or a non system disk or disk error (with the RefDisk in drive A).  1. Diskette Drive 
2. System Board  
3. Power Supply  
4. Reference Diskette
No colors on a color display. (Connect display to VGA port and run Enhanced VGA test to see if  display is the problem) 1. Display (any type) 
2. VGA terminator
Screen colors change. 1. Display (any type) 
2. DisplayAdapter 
3. System Board
One or more keys don't work and the computer is otherwise functional. (Check keyboard) (*) 1. Keyboard 
2. Keyboard Cable 
3. System Board
Power supply appears to fail at power-on but if you disconnect optional hard disks the problem goes away (load problem).  (See  "Settingthe Motor-Start Jumper" 1.  Motor Start Jumper (Remove motor start start jumper from one or more option drives.)
Power-on indicator does not come on, fan runs and computer is functional. 1.  Control/Speaker Assembly
Power-on indicator does not come on, fan runs and computer is not functional. 1.  System Board 
2.  Power Supply
Power-on indicator does not come on, fan not running and computer is not functional.(See "Undetermined Problems"before replacing FRUs) (*)  1.  Power Supply  
2. System Board 
Operating system does not work or system starts up in BASIC. (See"IMLand IPL Errors" before replacing FRUs) 1.  Default Hard Disk Drive
Real Time Clock loses time. Not always a hardware failure. See "RTC Problems 1.  Default Hard Disk Drive
Computer cannot be powered-off.  1.  Control/Speaker Assembly
2.  System Board 
3.  Power Supply

(*)  If this symbol is shown next to an error (above), go to "RelatedService Information.

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