Type 3 Upgrades

Successful one by Bradley Parker
Evergreen Technologies, Inc
Model G 1  REV 1  MADE IN USA
AMD   Am5x86 P75   (Surfacemount package)
(no other model numbers on chip, lot #1375)

Jumper Settings: (x=closed) 
    Label Function
WB      WriteBack Cache
WF       Write Forward Cache
 3X       3X Clock Multiplier
  4X         4X  Clock Multiplier
Ovrdrv  Overdrive Socket
Nrml      Normal CPU Socket

Write back causes weird behavior. 4x won't run. (Ed. Finally corrected!)

 Unable to install Win98 because the processor is not at least 66MHz.  NT4.0  fails on install also (unable to find files needed for networking).

Jim Shorney
 Use setup /nm for W98. You may have SCSI problems w/98. I was never able to get it to run w/o DOS mode using the Evergreen. Put the stock 50Mhz back in and it was fine, so I am currently running NT4.0 svcpak 5 on mine. No problems with NT.

>I got it to run just fine with the type 3 dx50. Never understood why others had so many problems with it. 
From Peter
 That Type 3 DX50 (-xMx models) is the only exception I found so far. All my other machines (Mod. 90 / T2 DX2-25/50, 8595-AKD /T1 DX-33, 9577-1NA / DX2-33/66) fell flat on the face and into 16-bit mode. Only the "Lacuna" with the Fast SCSI-2 Future-Domain derived controller and the 9595-AMT with T3 DX50 worked.

> Is this upgrade possible with the Kingston Turbo Chip but not the Evergreen?

Jim Shorney
 Known to work better with the Evergreen. Cache policy probelms with the Kingston. Can't  see more than 32 mb, floppy no workie etc... Same problems with write back cache on the  Evergreen. Evergreen has the jumper which fixes those.

Ed- I have a TC133- I'll be verifying this on a complex with different FRUs.

Processor Complex:

IBM Type III Processor Complex-Originally a 486DX 50Mhz
This complex is the one with the CPU on a daughter card.

IBM FRU 82G2484  (number appears on main and daughter cards)   C 1992

Revision Levels:
BIOS Part Number
Revision Level
Ref Diskette Ver.
System ID
Mfg ID
Processor Part # 

Unit 9590-OMT Configuration:
40 Megs RAM (Counts all 40)
Late Model SCSI Host Adapter W/ Cache-2M RAM
        IBM 0662S12  1 G hard drive
        IBM 0662S12  1 G hard drive
Adaptec AHA 1640  SCSI Host Adapter
        IBM HP35480A  4mm DAT (internal)
        IBM CDRM00203 CD-ROM (external)
SMC 8013WP/A Ethernet Card
        10 Base T connection
IBM XGA-1   512K RAM
        IBM 8513 12" Color Monitor
ATi Graphics Ultra Pro  2M RAM
        IBM 6091-19 19" Color Monitor
IBM Audiovation MWAVE Sound Card
IBM Dual Async Adapter/A

The machine is a tri-boot and runs under the following 
Operating Systems:

PC-DOS 7.0 (soon to be updated to PC-DOS 2000)
Microsoft Windows 95 4.00.950 B
Slackware Linux- Kernel 2.1.43

From Jim Shorney

> Hi Jim,
>              What processor did you use to upgrade the type 3 complex?
> It's running at 150mhz? And which processor did you remove to upgrade
> it? The 486DX-50? Thanks.
>                                                           Terrance

Hi Terrance,
Well, this is another one of those subjects that has been discussed to death here, but here's the scoop:  I replaced the 486DX-50 with an AMD 5x86-P75ADW (some folks say you need the ADZ because of the higher thermal rating, but I had no troubles withe the ADW).  I used a
Powerleap interposer to get the voltage right, with a standard fan/heatsink, and set the CPU to x3 mode to get 150 MHz.  It happily ran OS/2 Warp 4.0 and NT Workstation 4.0 for many months (until last night when I installed the type 4), and was rock stable.  Not bad for a cheap,
screwy CPU...  :)

Type 3 Complex

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