@0F1F.ADF  Adaptec Description File for AHA-1640 
   Transfer Rates
   RAID Support
   W95 and DMA
No SCSI BIOS Installed
AHA-1640 in IML System
OS/2 Switches for the AHA-1640 
ADF 0F1F Sections

DOSDRVR.EXE DOS ASPI drivers 02/01/99 
1640.EXE: AHA-164x BIOS and Microcode, v1.08 
AHA164X.EXE OS/2 v2.x driver for AHA-164x 
NW215.EXE: Novell NetWare v2.15. 
NW22.EXE: NetWare v2.2. 
NW30.EXE: Novell NetWare 3.0. 
NW310.EXE Novell NetWare v3.10. 
NW31X.EXE Novell NetWare v3.1x. 
NW4X.EXE Novell NetWare v4.x. 

F1 MSF-125 125V / 1.6A
A 416120-00 A 
B 416124-00 B 
C 416121-00 B 
J3 Factory use only 
J4 Factory use only 
J6 50 pin header 
RN2,3 Resistor network 

RN BI resistor network 899-5, R220/330 

F1 - From Peter- The fuses are Schurter (Switzerland) microfuses of the MSF-125 series, order no. 0034.9875 - a single package is 10 pieces at 125V / 1.6A, rated "quick acting F". Schurter has an internet page with product catalogues in .PDF at www.schurter.ch (Ed. A PTC resistor might work here as well)

   16 bit, Bus Master DMA, Passive Termination, Supports up to 7 SCSI devices 
    Supports SCSI HDs under DOS of up to: 1GB with on board BIOS, and up to 8 GB as a secondary device using Adaptec EZ-SCSI 
    SCSI and SCSI 2 Compatible, 50 pin HPDB50 external port,50 pin internal connector 

Transfer rates
        Up to 8 MBytes/sec bus master DMA on the Micro Channel bus 
        5 MB/s synchronous burst or 2 MB/s asynchronous burst on the SCSI bus 

RAID Support
The AHA-164x supports RAID Level 0, 1, and 5 with the help of third party software. Ed. Whose software? 

W95 and DMA Channels
   It seems as if W95 has the choices of DMA Channels 5, 6, and 7 available. You may have to go into the System Programs (a.k.a. Setup) and change the Arbitration Level to one that W95 is looking for. 

No SCSI BIOS Installed
1.   The AHA1640 says no SCSI BIOS installed. The chips are there on the card. 

The Bios is installed under following circumstances: 
- no "drive C: " (Hex-80 device) previously installed 
- drivesize is 1GB or below 
- BIOS is enabled under the machine setup and on a valid adress 

2. I can't get it to boot a HDD which boots fine form a Future Domain. 
     If the drive is over 1GB and / or low-level formatted with a different 
translation schem it will not be recognized anyway. The Adaptec Boot BIOS is 
"old fashioned" and has a 1GB-limit. 
   It is principially the same as used on the ISA AHA-1540B (not -C or -CF) and has no CTRL-A support and uses the DOS-compatible HD translation, which is a bit "register-width challenged". 
   You need to LL-Format the drive with Adaptecs SCSIFMT ... which requires a boot disk with the ASPI4DOS.SYS to have the drive under ASPI-Manager control. The ASPI Manager is capable to handle drives over 1GB - the Boot-Bios isn't. 

Using AHA-1640 in an IML System
   The IBM model 90 and 95 systems that are non-flash systems (Types 1, 2, and 3) require the use of an IBM made SCSI controller to store the IML information. 
   Install the AHA-1640 as the secondary adapter, boot the machine using the IBM System Reference diskette and configure  the AHA-1640 as the secondary adapter and set the BIOS to disabled. 

OS/2 Switches
The AHA164X.ADD device driver supports:  Adaptec AHA-1640 Micro Channel SCSI Host adapter. In the majority of cases, .ADD driver will determine parameters automatically.  The following parameters are provided in case it is  necessary to override the default parameter selection. 

 BASEDEV= AHA164x.ADD ---------------------------------------
                                  |- /ET -|
                                  +- /V --+
            |                                    | |
            +- /A:n -------------------------------+
                     |  |- /!DM ---------------|  |
                     |  |        +- :unitlist -|  |
                     |  |- /!SM ---------------|  |
                     |  |        +- :unitlist -|  |
                     |  +- /UR ----------------+  |
                     |                            |
                     +------------  /I -----------+

AdapterID 0F1F AHA-1640 SCSI Host Adapter 

Adapter BIOS
   Memory location of the adapter's BIOS ROM. Note, if two AHA-1640 host adapters reside in the system, one of them must have its BIOS ROM disabled. 
      <DC000h>, D8000h, D4000h, D0000h, CC000h, C8000h, BIOS disablednameditem 

I/O Port Address
   I/O Port of the adapter 
      <330h>, 334h, 234h, 134h, 230h, 130h" 

Arbitration Level
   Selectes the DMA channel used to transfer data. 
      <Level_5>, Level_6, Level_7, Level_4, Level_3, Level_1, Level_0" 

Interrupt Level
   Interrupt channel used to report status. 
      <Int_15>, Int_14, Int_12, Int_11, Int_10, Int_9 

SCSI Address
     SCSI address of the host adapter 
      <Addr_7>, Addr_6, Addr_5, Addr_4, Addr_3, Addr_2, Addr_1, Addr_0 

Sync Xfer Started by AHA-1640 Yes/No
   Synchronous transfer on the SCSI bus will be started by the adapter if 'Yes'. 
     <Yes>, No 

SCSI Parity Checking On/Off
    The host adapter will check SCSI Parity if  'On' 
    <On>, Off 

Fairness On/Off
   Bus Arbitrations Fairness. This controls whether the adapter will release control of the bus when it has been using it exclusively. 

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