@FFE0.ADF - IBM LAN Adapter/A for Ethernet
Linux Driver for the IBM LAN Adapter/A for Ethernet 
etmlan.exe  Drivers diskette for the LAN Adapter /A
etmlan.txt  Readme for drivers diskette for the LAN Adapter /A.
laninst.pdf  Installation and Testing instructions for the LAN Adapter /A.
Alfred Arnolds LAN Adapter Shootout results.   LAN /A is pretty good...

LAN Adapter /A (new)
J1 RJ45
J2 Um, IBM bizarro C14
U1,2,7,8 Cypress CYC185-35VC
U3 NS DP83934AVQB Sonic-T
U9 Boot ROM?
U19 NS DP8392CN
Y2 40.0000 MHz osc 

AdapterId FFE0 IBM LAN Adapter/A for Ethernet 

Adapter Base I/O Address
     <"I/O address 1000" (1000-109f)>, 2000 (2000-209f), 3000 (3000-309f), 4000 (4000-409f), 5000 (5000-509f), 6000 (6000-609f), 7000 (7000-709f)

Adapter Interrupt Request Level
       <"Interrupt 5">, 15, 10, 11

Network Media Connection
   To configure this adapter, you must set the Network Media type that is connected to the adapter (Ed. Duh-huh! Just waiting to try it...)
       < "Twisted Pair">, Thin Ethernet, Thick Ethernet (dorky mini-AUI)

Adapter BIOS-ROM / RAM Location
   This adapter requires a memory location to be allocated for it's BIOS-ROM and Shared RAM.  There are 5 locations that can be selected with 2 RAM sizes for some addresses.  If possible, a 32K memory size address should be selected for best throughput.
   <"C8000-CFFFF" (C800-CFFF)>, D000-D7FF, D800-DFFF, C400-C7FF, C8000-CBFFF, D0000-D3FFF, D4000-D7FFF, D8000-DBFFF

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