Opening the 85 or 95 Case

1.  Remove the front cover

      a. Unlock the cover.  (If you have a key, you are unique) 
      b. Grasp cover at the bottom and firmly pull it away from the server. 
      c. Remove the top corners of the cover from the server. 
NOTE: Do NOT twist the bezel to one side while doing this. The pivot points WILL snap if you apply too much force on them crosswise.

2.  Remove the side cover:

      a. Pivot the side cover away from the front of the server. 
      b. Pull the cover forward. 
      c. Place the cover in a safe place so that the fan is protected from possible damage. 
NOTE: The EMC bezel in the front right corner (shiny metal springs) is quite sharp if you pull up or down on this edge of the case. Hint, Hint...

3.. Remove the drive retainer: (Only to install/remove drives) 

      a. Press down on the two top latches. 
      b. Pull the top of the retainer out from the server. 
      c. Pull the retainer up. 

Now you do whatever you were going to do inside the case... 

Close The 85 or 95 Case

1.  Install the drive retainer:  (Only if you removed it previously) 

  a. Insert tabs on drive retainer into groove at bottom of server. 
  b. Pivot the retainer into position. 
  c. Push the retainer until it clicks into place.
NOTE: You may have to "play" with the drive retainer while installing it. Sometimes I pull it up a little and wiggle it while pivoting it into position.

2. Replace the side cover:

      a. Align rear of side cover with the groove on the rear of the frame. 
      b. Align groove at the top of the side cover with the top of the frame. 
      c. Push the side cover to close it. 
NOTE: If you are in a hurry, and have one hand on the top of the case with the fingers inside the case, do NOT attempt to close the side cover. #1, it won't work, and #2, you will need Band-Aids for the flesh wounds.
    Note:  Be careful not to damage the hardware around the fan on the side cover when installing the covers. More on the side cover fan

3.  Replace the front cover

      a. Slide the top posts into the holes at the top of the server. You may have to press the side cover closed if the old flat SCSI cable is used.
      b. Gently press front cover bottom, one corner at a time until it snaps  into place. 
    If front cover does not snap into place
         Make sure the drive retainer has been installed correctly.
         Check if the indexing post on the front bezel is aligned with the matching hole in the drive retainer.
         On a 95A or 85 K/N system, the LogicLock switch on the drive retainer may not be firmly seated, and has been partially knocked off. Reseat the switch. (white plastic box, about that of a small matchbox).
      c. Lock the front cover. 
         Note:  If you ever enable the LogicLock on a 95A or 85 K-N and move your system, be sure not to jar or pull on the front cover. Security features on the cover will respond as if someone is trying to break into your server, giving you an error message. 
NOTE: If you enable the unauthorized access feature on a 95A or 85 K-N and you forget the password, you will be unable to run system programs ever again with that planar. Do NOT enable the unauthorized access feature unless you REALLY, REALLY need it. You had better have a key for the bezel lock also. These systems are C2 rated. 

Ventilation Requirements
  Warning: Be sure to maintain a clearance of at least 51 mm (2 in.) on all sides of the server to allow for air circulation. 

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