8550 Riser Hack

From David L. Beem who can't open the POD bay doors for me...
  I trimmed the clear plastic (darker center area of the riser) around my solder pads & scraped the insulator coating away with a knife (Looks like THIS). Tinned up the leads & solder pads liberally to put them in place.
   The red 5 volt conductor should be positioned to the side of the solder pad as I have it because a plastic rib on the drive platform will interfere if it is centered. The finished hack looks like this- HERE  

From Peter Wendt 
Warnings and recommendations:
  Remember, the Mod. 50 power-supply (94W!!!) is known to have lesser power than assumed. If you'd already installed a -386/-486 upgrade, 64Megs of RAM, SCSI-adapter and a Hi-Resolution graphic board it will surely collapse. 
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