6152 Academic System

188-034 Ungermann-Bass NICPS/2 Adapter 1542 For Use With Ethernet
The IBM RT Information Page by Derrick J Brashear 

       The IBM 6152 Academic System combines a Model 60 with a 32-bit RISC processor (similar to the RT PC processor), together with a Motorola MC68881 floating point processor.
       The primary OS for the 6152 is the IBM Academic Operating System 4.3 (IBM/4.3).  The IBM/4.3 operating system is derived from the 4.3 Berkeley Software Distribution (4.3 BSD) version of a UNIX operating system.  The X Window System, version 11 is provided as an integral part of IBM/4.3. The X Window System is a network-transparent windowing system that provides a base for the operation of application programs.  Token-Ring and Ethernet networks are supported on the 6152.
       The 6152 is also supported by the DOS 3.3 and OS/2 Standard
1.0 operating systems.  When operating under DOS 3.3 or OS/2 Standard
1.0 the 6152 does not use the RISC processor or RISC RAM storage.
Only one operating system can run at any time. DOS 3.3 and
OS/2 Standard 1.0 do not support the RISC processor or RISC RAM.

Unit-          Fixed     RISC
Model          Disk      Memory
6152-022       20Mb      2Mb
6152-024       20Mb      4Mb
6152-044       44Mb      4Mb
6152-048       44Mb      8Mb
6152-074       70Mb      4Mb
6152-078       70Mb      8Mb

o   Dual processors -- 32-bit RT PC RISC and PS/2 80286
o   MC68881 floating point processor provides 625 KWIPS performance
o   Multiple Operating Systems
    -   IBM Academic Operating System 4.3/6152 and DOS 3.3 can
        co-reside on a single fixed disk
    -   OS/2 Standard 1.0 can reside on a second fixed disk

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