There are two BIOS files that apply to these machines, and if the wrong file is used to flash the BIOS it will completely disable the machine. Both BIOS files are on this diskette and the flash.bat file, along with whatchip.exe, determines which BIOS should be loaded.

File 3232BIOS.EXE

Write down all the Setup settings currently in effect on your system.

Put a formatted 1.44 MB diskette in drive A.

Type "3232BIOS"

This creates a diskette that is not bootable, either SYS disk from DOS or Windows System

or boot the system with a clean MS-DOS bootable disk in the A drive

(one that runs no programs, and loads no drivers on startup).

Boot the system with new disk, it will automatically flash the system.

If you booted off a CLEAN DOS disk, then insert the floppy you created at a DOS prompt Type "flash" and hit enter.

Then you will see one of the items below.



The Yes above after (y/n) is automatically put in. After rebooting, you will see the new BIOS version in the startup message.