File 3230B209.EXE

Write down all the Setup settings currently in effect on your system.

Put a formatted 1.44 MB diskette in drive A.

Type 3230B209 at DOS prompt.

It will prompt you for a disk in your 3 inch floppy. It will expand a diskette.

Two ways to flash system:

1. SYS floppy disk from Windows95 or DOS and then boot of the new floppy. ( ex. SYS a: ). It will automatically flash the system with new BIOS.

2. Re-boot the system with a clean MS-DOS bootable disk in the A drive (this disk should run no programs in autoexec.bat and load no drivers in config.sys).

When the system is finished booting take out the boot disk and put your newly created disk in drive a:.

Type "flash" and hit enter.


When it boots or flash is run you will see the items below.

















When it comes up it should show the BIOS at the new version.