Drivers and Patches


Filename Date Size Description
3416-294.EXE 03/01/95 714273
ECU v2.9.4 for the 3416 line of systems. For
with Bios 1.00.19.AM0.
3416B19.EXE 06/19/96 369300
3416 BIOS 1.00.19.AM0. This is the same BIOS
that was placed on BBS 8/1994. The .EXE was
modified to become a self extracting copydisk
image file. Includes copydisk.exe and readme.
for copydisk diskette creation.
After BIOS diskette creation, read the README.
on A: for use instructions. The BIOS diskette
not bootable.
3416SUP.ZIP 04/13/95 556029
Adaptec EZ-SCSI for DOS/Windows ver 2.04
3416_SYS.EXE 04/20/94 887627
3416/Eagle System Diagnostics Diskette
7770CD.EXE 05/17/96 232573
SCSI Toshiba CD-Rom Support for AIC-7770.
6.22 Dos Bootable
DPTNT.EXE 03/18/96 687128
DPT Storage Manager for Windows NT
DPTSM.EXE 09/20/96 618590
DPT Storage Manager Ver. 1.EB
includes /NOBUILD option
Non-DOS bootable
JOSEPH.EXE 07/31/96 705192
Adaptec CD-Rom utilities (Dos Bootable)
V302_NT.EXE 07/22/99 330668
Adaptec Family Manager V 3.02S4
for WindowsNT and Windows95

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