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On this page you find several links to different pages for Linux for IBM Personal Systems 2 (PS/2) or compatibles with IBM-Microchannel-architecture (MCA). During the 80s, mainly IBM produced several Models (50, 56, 70, 80, 90, 95, 2-95, and others) which where delivered with a special bus system called Microchannel, working on current-sense bus-lines. The Microchannel exists in two different bit-widths, that are 16- and 32-Bit. The invention of MCA can be seen as the start of the new generation of PC-bus. PCI is the final result of this development up to today. MCA was beside EISA a revolution of the slow ISA-bus and came with 33MHz of maximum bus-transfer clock.

As these pages here only offer information about the latest IBM SCSI-Subsystem driver for Linux, I collected som nice links about Linux for Microchannel machines and the Microchannel itself, so you can continue reading, if you need further information. These are the major links to the MCA-Linux-world.

Home of the MCA Linux Discussion It contains very good information about MCA Linux, Kernels and Patches. The page offers links to the well known MCA-Linux homepage, discussion forum for hardware and Linux, and an ADF-file database.
9595 Ardent Tool of Capitalism The real truth about MCA-systems. This great page from Louis Ohland offers you in a very detailed way a lot of information about different topics around MCA and the IBM PS/2 series. If you are lacking support for your adapter or system, this page will help you for sure as does Louis himself!
Local FTP-server for MCA-Linux stuff (a bit outdated, but contains useful basic stuff).
Homepage of David Weinehall. He is maintainer of the MCA-part of the Linux-project and you can find quite useful news, infos, links and patches concerning Linux and Microchannel machines there.
Linux for Microchannel page of Klaus Kudielka offers the great MCA-patches for Linux Kernels 2.1.x. In the meantime, these patches are included in the Linux-releases and you can find them for sure on every major anonymous FTP-site next to you that mirrors sunsite or at least the Linux-part of it.
IBM PS/2 reference/diagnostic disc archive If you have a PS/2 but you are missing the reference- or diagnostic discs, klick on that link to get the latest version of such disks for your machine.
ADF-files and reference diskettes of various, even non-IBM MCA-adapters.
S.u.S.E. is a softwarehouse that sells the well known SuSE-Linux-distribution.
A2-Collaboration's List of Linux Maintainers. The A2-Collaboration of the Institut für Kernphysik offers a HTML-list of Linux Maintainers for direct contact to the responsible people.

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