Xionics XIP-D Image Processor

This card's ID is 6B2C. Peter Wendt's QBMCA utility knows it, and displays a [!] notation, indicating that the adapter either shares an ID with another or was sold under a variety of brand names. (What adapter is like this one or shares the card-ID?)

Help! I need information and/or the ADF for this adapter. Tell me if you know anything about it!
Actually, I need any information about this adapter that you might have. What does it do?
Tell me!

Xionics Base Card
Another adapter without component markings on all the parts...

IC35~70 are Texas Instruments TMS4C1024DJ 100ns RAM chips (wow...)
IC71 is an empty DIP socket

ES2 - European Semiconductor Structures 06117QD1 ASIC (you have no idea how long the maker name took to find out...ES2 was purchased by Atmel in 1995.)
TIGA - Texas Instruments TMS34010FNL-50 (graphics accelerator/image processor)
Chips - Chips & Technologies P82C611 MCA bus interface
Hitachi - Hitachi HD63085Y (Digital Signal Processor - LSI Encoder/Decoder, 32MHz)
OSC - 32.0000MHz

CON1 - Daughtercard
CON2 - Unknown, possible memory expansion

Going way out on a limb here and assuming this is a video card...This card may be capable of base video. Notice the lack of a BVE tab on the connector. Of course, it could also be made to drive a large workstation monitor and leave all the "lower modes" to your planar VGA or other basic graphics adapter. Your "base" video would then be connected to a presumably smaller secondary monitor.

Xionics Daughtercard

CON1 - 68 pin male connector for main board. Looks like a 68-pin F/W SCSI plug.
CON2 and 3 are very small Centronics-style female connectors. I have no idea what they do. Guesses are that CON3 is for a display. CON2 may be a kind of serial port...maybe a tablet, pen, or other graphics digitizing device. See U11.

U11 - Signetics SCC2692AC1A44 DUART
RP1, 2 - Resistor networks
XTAL - 3.68 (MHz?)

I have no idea what applications, operating systems or even displays that this adapter supports or requires. If you know something (anything) about this adapter, please tell me!
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