William's Microchannel Adapter Information

The following links lead to pages I have either created from scratch, or added information to. These pages cover a variety of Microchannel-bus option or expansion cards that are used in IBM PS/2 computers (Models 50 and higher) or some of the few clones that are floating around.

Before using any information presented here, read and understand the notice and disclaimer section below. If you are selling an item discussed here on eBay or anywhere else, read the "Information for eBay Sellers" below.

At the very least I have provided an adapter outline and a set of component IDs. Whenever I have more information or files relating to the item in question, I have placed such files online. Some of this information does not exist elsewhere.

NEW! 09/09/2006 - Added an Intel AboveBoard to the Memory Expansion section...

Communications (Network Cards, Modems, Serial/Parallel Ports, Misc Communications)
Memory Expansion

Disk & Storage Controllers
Other Cards

Processor Upgrades
IBM 486SLC2 33/66 MHz

More projects will be completed as I find the time to do them. Please note that I only document hardware. I don't presently have the skills to write device drivers or software for your adapter. If you don't see a card here, or if you have any information at all regarding something shown here, drop me an e-mail. You will be credited for your subsmission if you wish.

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Datasheets that may be provided for download are the copyrighted property of the company who wrote them. They are provided here as a convenience only and to give an idea of how and where a part is used in a given card design. It is not the intention of this page to undermine the rights of IC manufacturers and designers or to violate copyright law in any way, shape or form. Again, no liability from the use of these datasheets or other techinical documentation can be accepted on my part. These are provided "as is" and with all faults. You use these data sheets or other information AT YOUR OWN RISK!

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