Thema:	Make ordinary memory look like IBM´s
Datum:	29.12.97  16:47:24
From: (Morten Kristensen)


I have a ps/2-76i. A few months ago I realized that I needed more
memory. So I asked around for 2 pcs. IBM 16MB parity modules. 
But they were way to expensive for me, so I took a chance and bought 
two ordinary Texas Inst. 16Mb 60ns true parity sims. Of course they 
didn't work, but then I remembered seeing  the scheme of how PS/2 
identify sim-memory (on one of your pages) pin 67,68,69,70. 
I then soldered pin 67 and 70 *) to ground (pin72) (making it a 16MB 
70ns parity) and viola I had two IBM compatible parity modules, 
for less than half the price! It have been working perfectly for 
two weeks now running Win95. 

It might work with other machines/modules !!??

Hope you can use this on your webpages.

Morten Kristensen;
Phone +45 39565554  Mobil +45 40865554
*) I think he made a mistake here: 16MB/70ns Parity is 67+69 tied to 72 (Peter)

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