up041% lsattr -El proc10
frequency 1904456000     Processor Speed False
state     enable         Processor state False
type      PowerPC_POWER5 Processor type  False

up041% lsattr -El mem0 goodsize 31616 Amount of usable physical memory in Mbytes False size 31616 Total amount of physical memory in Mbytes False

up041% lsattr -El sys0 SW_dist_intr false Enable SW distribution of interrupts True autorestart false Automatically REBOOT system after a crash True boottype disk N/A False conslogin enable System Console Login False cpuguard enable CPU Guard True frequency 528000000 System Bus Frequency False fullcore true Enable full CORE dump True fwversion IBM,SF230_126 Firmware version and revision levels False id_to_partition 0X8000089868100001 Partition ID False id_to_system 0X8000089868100000 System ID False iostat false Continuously maintain DISK I/O history True keylock normal State of system keylock at boot time False maxbuf 20 Maximum number of pages in block I/O BUFFER CACHE True maxmbuf 0 Maximum Kbytes of real memory allowed for MBUFS True maxpout 0 HIGH water mark for pending write I/Os per file True maxuproc 256 Maximum number of PROCESSES allowed per user True minpout 0 LOW water mark for pending write I/Os per file True modelname IBM,9118-575 Machine name False ncargs 32 ARG/ENV list size in 4K byte blocks True pre430core false Use pre-430 style CORE dump True pre520tune disable Pre-520 tuning compatibility mode True realmem 32374784 Amount of usable physical memory in Kbytes False rtasversion 1 Open Firmware RTAS version False systemid IBM,02025D6DD Hardware system identifier False