W(Frank)  N(Kathy)  E(Todd)  S(Linda)
    1C        1S       Dbl*      1NT
    Dbl       Pass     Pass      Pass

                A  A  J  x
                K  J  8
                x  x  2
                x  x
   8 K A Q      x             Q Q x J
   7   K T                    J T   x
       7 9                    T 9
       4 5                    9 x
         4      x  x  Q  A    8 x
         3         x  T  K
                   x  9  8
                      6  6

 1. | Club 5 led, to Jack and Ace.
 2. | Low Diamond to Jack, Frank rightly ducking.  If he flys with an
      honor, Linda can easily set up her diamond suit before Frank can
      cash 7 tricks.  Frank can set up and cash his 4 club tricks and
      his 2 high diamonds, but Linda will make her contract.
 3. - Diamond 8 to Frank's king.  It was here, with my help, that
      Linda (we) went wrong.  This a magic hand.  All Linda has to do
      is cash her high cards, crashing the singleton king of hearts,
      and eventually endplay Todd, making the Jack of hearts her
      seventh trick.  Instead, Frank got his 6 tricks, but then put
      the lead in dummy, where we had to loose another trick to West.