N(Bill)  E  S(me)  W
 1C       *  1H     P
 2H       2S 3D(?)  P
 4H       *  All Pass

                J  A  K  K
                x  3  9  Q
                   2  x  J
   T 6 J x               9    A 8 A A
   x   x x                    K 7   x
   x   x x                    Q 5   x
       x x                    x 4
         x      x  K  Q  -    x
                x  Q  T
                x  J  8
                   T  x
                   9  x

 1. - Ten of Spades.
 2. - Spade to Queen.
 3. | Spade King, ruffed in dummy.
 4. | Club King, Ace, ruff.
 5. | Heart King.
 6. | Heart Ace.
 7. | Club, pitching a diamond.
 8. | Club, pitching another diamond.
 9. | Club, ruff by East, overruffed, to this situation, with the
      lead in the south hand.  You can only lose one more trick.

                -  -  K  Q
   - - J x            x       A 8 A -
       x                      x
                -  Q  Q  -

10.   Now, if I pull the last trump, lead a diamond, and east has
      the ace, she'll take the rest of the tricks with her spades.
      Down two.  If I lead a diamond before I pull the last trump,
      she can play a spade and make me ruff with my last trump,
      losing control of the hand for down two.  The only way I can
      make the hand at this point is if east does not have the ace
      of diamonds.  So, I pull trump and lead the Queen of diamonds,
      trying to pin the singleton jack in the east.  The queen won !!!!
      East pitched a spade!!  But I didn't catch the revoke until
      after they moved to the next table.  Down one was the final
      result.  East won the second diamond and her ace of spades
      was the setting trick.