RS/6000 Adapter Types

This came from manual # SA23-2687, POWERstation and POWERserver,
Common Diagnostics and Service Guide, Version 2.2.
At the beginning of chapter 8, Adapter and Memory Card Information,
there is an Adapter Identification Label Cross-Reference List that
lists all the adapter type numbers and their description.
The later the book, the more up to date the list will be.
My 340 book for example, only shows 1-1 through 1-6.

Label  Description
1-1    Color Graphics Display Adapter
1-2    Grayscale Graphics Display Adapter
1-3    8-bit or 24-Bit 3D Color Graphics Processor
1-4    7235 Graphics Subsystem Adapter
1-5    POWER Gt4, Gt4x, Gt4i, and Gt4xi, 8-Bit or 24-bit Graphics Subsystem
1-6    POWER Gt3 Graphics Subsystem
1-8    POWER Gt4e Graphics Subsystem
1-9    POWER Gt3i Graphics Subsystem
1-A    GXT1000 Graphics Attachment Adapter
1-D    POWER GXT150M Graphics Subsystem
1-E    POWER GXT150M Graphics Subsystem
2-1    Ethernet High-Performance LAN Adapter
2-2    Token-Ring High-Performance Network Adapter
2-3    4-Port Multiprotocol Communications Controller
2-4    X.25 Interface Co-processor/2
2-6    Fiber Distribution Data Interface (FDDI) Single Ring Adapter
2-7    Fiber Distribution Data Interface (FDDI) Dual Ring Upgrade Kit Adapter
2-8    Thick-Thin Integrated Ethernet Adapter
2-9    Integrated Ethernet Adapter
2-C    4-Port EIA-232-C Multiport/2 Adapter
2-D    8-Port EIA-232-C Multiport/2 Adapter
2-E    6-Port Synchronous EIA-232-C Multiport/2 Adapter
2-F    4-Port EIA-232-C/4-Port EIA-422-A Multiport/2 Adapter
2-G    8-Port EIA-422-A Multiport/2 Adapter
2-H    8-Port EIA-232-D Portmaster Adapter/A
2-I    8-Port EIA-422-A Portmaster Adapter/A
2-J    6-Port V.35 Portmaster Adapter/A
2-K    6-Port X.21 Portmaster Adapter/A
2-L    Token-Ring 1-Port Adapter
2-M    Ethernet 1-Port Adapter
2-N    Serial 2-Port Adapter
2-O    V.35 Adapter
2-P    MP/A 1-port EIA-232D
2-R    FDDI-Fiber Single Ring Adapter
2-S    FDDI-Fiber Dual Ring Upgrade Kit Adapter
2-T    FDDI-STP Single Ring Adapter
2-U    FDDI-STP Dual Ring Upgrade Kit Adapter
3-1    8-Port Async Adapter - EIA-232
3-2    8-Port Async Adapter - EIA-422A
3-3    8-Port Async Adapter - MIL-STD 188
3-4    16-Port Async Adapter - EIA-232
3-5    16-Port Async Adapter - EIA-422A
3-6    64-Port Async Controller
3-7    128-Port Async Controller
4-1    SCSI Internal/External I/O Controller
4-2    SCSI-2 Differential High Performance External I/O Controller
4-3    High Performance Disk Drive Subsystem Adapter
4-4    SCSI-2 Internal/External I/O Controller
4-5    High Performance Disk Drive Subsystem Adapter (80 MB/S)
4-6    SCSI-2 Differential Fast/Wide Adapter/A
4-7    SCSI-2 Fast/Wide Adapter/A
4-8    High-Perf Disk Drive Subsystem Adapter(40/80MB/S)
4-C    Enhanced SCSI-2 Differential Fast/Wide Adapter/A
4-D    Microchannel SSA Adapter (Feature Code 6214)
4-G    Microchannel SSA Enhanced Adapter (Feature Code 6216)
4-I    Microchannel SSA RAID Adapter (Feature Code 6217)
4-J    PCI IBM SSA RAID Adapter (Feature Code 6218)
4-N    PCI IBM SSA Enhanced RAID Adapter (Feature Code 6215)
4-M    Microchannel SSA Enhanced RAID Adapter (Feature Code 6219)
5-1    3270 Connection
5-2    Block Multiplexer Channel Adapter
5-3    ESCON Channel Adapter
5-4    S/370 Channel Emulator/A
6-1    Graphics Input Device Adapter
6-2    5080 Attachment Adapter (AA)
6-2(!) System/370 Host Interface Adapter (HIA)
6-3    Async Expansion Adapter
6-4    Serial Optical Channel Converter
6-5    Voice Server Attachment Adapter
6-6    Voice Server Dual Attachment Adapter
6-8    5080 Coax Communications Adapter
7-1    M-Audio Capture and Playback Adapter
7-2    M-Audio Capture Adapter (NTSC Version)
7-3    M-Audio Capture Adapter (PAL Version)
7-5    Ultimedia Video Adapter
7-6    Ultimedia Video Adapter
8-5    Network Terminal Accelerator Adapter 256
8-6    Network Terminal Accelerator Adapter 2048
8-S    Auto Token-Ring LANstreamer MC32
8-U    High-Performance Ethernet LAN Adapter AUI and 10BaseT
8-V    High-Performance Ethernet LAN Adapter 10Base2
8-W    TURBOWAYS 100 ATM Adapter
8-X    Fiber Channel/266 Adapter
9-1    ARTIC960 4-Port Multiprotocol Communications Controller
9-2    ARTIC960 8-Port X.21 Communications Controller
9-3    ARTIC960 8-Port EIA-232 E Communications Controller
9-4    ARTIC960 6-Port V.36 Communications Controller
9-9    TURBOWAYS 155 ATM Adapter
9-A    Fiber Channel/1063 (Short Wave) Adapter