Multiple Defunct (DDD) Fixed Disks

(15-Dec-95 / Retain H131887) 

Server 500/520 Multiple Defunct (DDD) Fixed Disks

Server 500/520 (8641) RAID array systems may be unable to start the fixed disk drives if multiple drives are DDD  (defunct).
The following error message will be reported after selecting the Replace  option in the RAID Option Diskette: Error in starting drive ... 

NOTE: If more than one drive appears defunct and the drives are not defective, data MAY NOT  be lost.
Restart each drive using the REPLACE  option in the RAID Option Diskette and the procedure below. The REPLACE  option will bring every drive back to an ONL  state except the last drive in each array, which must be rebuilt.

Problem Isolation Aids:

Problem prevention:
To prevent multiple drives from appearing DDD, the DDD drive(s) should be disconnected from the backplane prior to rebooting the system.

The following procedure should be followed if multiple drives are DDD (defunct):

  1.  Physically disconnect ALL DEFUNCT DRIVES, except the one you are trying to start.
  2.  With the one defunct drive installed, select the REPLACE  option in the REPLACE / REBUILD menu to start the drive.
  3.  Once started, you can insert the next defunct drive and start it.
  4.  Continue until all defunct drives have been started. The last drive of each array will report an OFL  status. To bring the drive back to an  ONL state, rebuild the drive using the REBUILD  option in the RAID utility diskette.

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