ECA 075 - Token Ring Busmaster

ECA 075 - Token Ring Busmaster


New level option diskette for 16/4 Token Ring Busmaster

Provide a replacement option diskette for 16/4 Busmaster Token Ring adapter to correct a problem with "fairness" parameter.

Check the label on the customer's option diskette for the token ring Network Busmaster Adapter/A for P/N 92F5693, version 1.00 . if the P/N is 92F5693 then this ECA applies.

This ECA corrects a problem with the setting of the 'fairness' parameter. with diskette P/N 92F5693 version 1.00. Setting 'fairness=on' incorrectly results in 'fairness=off' and setting it 'off' result in 'on'. the customer would report performance type of problems.

Order option diskette FRU P/N 93F1260 version 1.01 from parts distribution.

This ECA is effective for one year and will expire on 06-30-92

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