ECA 063 - external SCSI terminator

ECA 063 - external SCSI terminator


External SCSI terminator may cause a system HANG

Provide a replacement terminator for all external SCSI devices, IBM and OEM, which may experience a HANG condition.

Inspect the IBM external SCSI device terminator for a FRU part number. Only IBM terminators without a FRU P/N of P/N 92F0057 are eligible for this ECA:.

Inspect the IBM terminator that is attached to the external SCSI device. If the terminator is not identified with a FRU part number it is eligible for this ECA:. If your system is experiencing a HANG condition replace the old terminator, FRU P/N 34F0016, with the new terminator, FRU P/N 92F0057. the old terminator was not identified with a FRU part number.

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