ECA 056 - Artic multiport/a +8595

ECA 056 - Artic multiport/a + 8595


Artic multiport/2, 8595 w/intermittent errors

To determine if the Artic multiport/2 adapter should be replaced as described in the detail of this ECA:.

Check for part number 09F1877 or 57F2712 on the gate array (large silver component located above the bus connector) and for the presence of components in positions U21 and U22. Affected adapters will have one of the above part numbers and components in positions U21 and U22.

The Multiport/2 adapter may cause the following intermittent errors when installed in an 8595:
These failures may be system and slot sensitive.

Replace the Artic multiport/2 adapter P/N 09F1888 (512KB) or P/N 09F1962 (1MB) as appropriate.

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