ECA 039 - 30-286 RIPL (resume) F1 error

ECA 039 - 30-286 RIPL F1 (resume) error


Remote IPL on 8530 286 requires "f1" to resume

To provide a replacement system board, FRU P/N 34F0046, which will allow "POST" to proceed, without operator intervention, when using the remote IPL feature of Network cards.

The following physical check requirements must be met on systems that have a Network adapter, IBM or OEM, with a remote IPL feature.

There are two levels of the 8530 286 system board, FRU P/N 27F4069. One level has a pair of BIOS modules with numbers of 30F9579 + 30F9580 or 30F9543 + 30F9544 or 33F8645 + 33F8646. The other level has one BIOS module with a number of 37F6652 or 41F0258 or 27F4092. if any other numbers are found printed on the top of the bios modules, this ECA does not apply.

Early level system boards required a user to press "F1" to continue processing during POST. With this ECA:, all models and levels of the 286 will be consistent in the manner that remote IPL is invoked.

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