ECA 030 - 8550 - 031/061 1210 + 1225 errors

ECA 030 - 8550 - 031/061 1210 & 1225 errors


1210 or 1225 errors on 8550 models 031,061


Provide instructions to determine if the Dual ASYNC card installed in an 8550 models 031,061 should be replaced for 1210 or 1225 errors while running diagnostics.

Affected Dual ASYNC cards (FRU P/N 34F0008) are identified by locating raw card P/N 90X8074 (upper left corner) on the component side of the card.

Error code 1210 indicates a Dual ASYNC port 1 register test failure. error code 1225 indicates a Dual ASYNC port 2 register test failure.

Error code 1210 or 1225 may occur while running diagnostics on an 8550 models 031,061 with a Dual ASYNC card installed. If this condition exists and the Dual ASYNC card matches the above mentioned physical check, replace the card (FRU P/N 34F0008).

Order Dual ASYNC cards through normal distribution. affected cards should be returned

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