3com 3c509tp card / Windows 3.1

PROBLEM - The 3com 3C509TP card hangs certain Windows 3.1 network client applications when trying to sign-on to the server.

The client application will work, however, if the L2 cache is removed from the machine.
Machines AFFECTED - VP2 all models.

SOLUTION - Customer was using downlevel 3com drivers for the 3c509tp card. Obtain the latest 3com etherdisk drivers directly from the 3com BBS at 011-408-980-8204. The file name to download is: 3c5x9x.exe

PROBLEM - PS/Valuepoint 6382/S, 6384/D and 6387/T systems may exhibit colour changes and/or distorted video in win-os/2 using the OS/2 S3 video device drivers. the failure is most noticeable in the 640 x 480 x 64k color mode.

Machines AFFECTED - PS/Valuepoint systems 6382/S, 6384/D and 6387/T.
Problem ISOLATION aids - inspect the video chip located at the right rear of the system board next to the video feature connector, in position U45 (type 1 board) or in position U15 (type 2 board).

This tip applies only if "BT" or "Brook Tree" is printed on the component. Components with other brand names are not affected.
SOLUTION - install the OS/2 S3 video device driver package s3-16m11.dsk with a file date of 10/19/94 or later. This update may be downloaded from the IBM PC company bulletin board service.

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