Tape backup fail / Future Domain fast SCSI

PROBLEM - Tape backup or scanning devices may fail to work properly when attached to a Future Domain fast SCSI adapter P/N 82G4879.
Machines AFFECTED - 6382/S, 6384/D, and 6387/T (all VP2 models)

SOLUTION - Future Domain device driver software or the existing device driver configuration parameters may need to be changed. For DOS systems, the customer should contact fd to determine if a new DOS driver is required.

For OS/2 systems, the customer should locate the FD device driver file called "fd16-700.add" and check the file date. if it is earlier than march of 1994 the customer should contact fd to determine if a new OS/2 driver is required. If the file date is after march of 1994 a configuration parameter change should be made in the CONFIG.SYS fil locate the "device=fd16-700.add" command in the CONFIG.SYS file and following the device driver file name add the parameter "/rd:xx" where "xx" equals a value of 30 or 60. This is a response delay time that will allow the fd adapter to work with slow SCSI devices.

If the problem exists after this modification, the customer should contact Future Domain for assistance at (407)995-1900.

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