Hard Disk Drive / Novell

PROBLEM - Some Valuepoint performance series systems have shipped with a 540MB IDE hard disk and may experience the following problems when installing Novell netware:

1. unable to create the volume, or the process takes longer than expected.

2. when attempting to mount the volume, the two fat tables do not match.

3. when attempting vrepair, excessive errors are received.

Machines AFFECTED - Valuepoint models 64xx with 540MB hardfile.

SOLUTION - Customers, dealers, or servicers should contact level 2 support at IBM, Boca Raton, on 407 443-9943 or tie line 443-9943 for a fix. A request may also be sent via profs to L2SUPT at BCRVMPC2.

The model number and serial number of the system(s) affected will be required.

Contacting Boca raton level 2 support for this problem is temporary. This tip will be updated when a permanent fix process is implemented.

NOTE: Some 64xx models are manufactured with 527MB or 540MB IDE hard disk drives; 527MB drives are not affected.

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