Novell unixware v-1.1 install

PROBLEM - Customer could not install Novell unixware version 1.1 from a cd ROM using an Adaptec 1542CF adapter and an NEC CF 74 CD-ROM. Error was that after instructed to remove boot diskette three and press enter, the system would hang FLASHing the message "working" at the bottom of the screen.

Machines AFFECTED - All Valuepoint systems.

SOLUTION - The Novell unixware v1.1 kernel is written such that it must see the interrupt on any adapter set for 11. If the int is set to an int other than 11, it will not recognize the "install from" device. The adapter int can be changed after the install process is complete.

Permanent fix - Change the INT on the adapter to 11 for the install process. Also, it is worth noting that in the Adaptec 1542 CF config utility (accessed by pressing ctrl a upon boot up), the internal termination must be set for enabled.

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