Memory SIMMs on which VP?

PROBLEM - Which memory SIMMs are supported on which Valuepoint systems?

Machines AFFECTED - All Valuepoint systems.

SOLUTION - The following matrix lists Valuepoint systems and the memory SIMMs supported by each:

system type totals ras's SIMMs supported total sockets

----------- ------------ ---------------- -------------

VP-2 8 single/dual RAS SIMMs 4

VP-Si 4 single RAS SIMMs only 4

P60/D 4 single/dual RAS SIMMs 2*

VP-P 64xx 8 single/dual RAS SIMMs 4

*actually has 4 simm sockets but because memory is 64 bits and the SIMMs are 32 bits (discounting parity bits), it looks like 2 SIMM sockets with each having two RAS lines.

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