Maxtor PCI/2+ in P60/D

PROBLEM - PS/Valuepoint 6384 P60/D pentium systems with a Matrox MGA PCI/2+ video adapter may exhibit a failure known as "palette snooping". "palette snooping" is a term used to describe a symptom of colors on the display becoming mixed or shifting.

Machines AFFECTED - Valuepoint 6384 P60/D systems.

SOLUTION - The manufacturer of the adapter, Matrox, will provide an adapter BIOS update for customers that are experiencing this failure. The BIOS update is level 809-7 and may be obtained from Matrox technical support by calling (514)-685-0220 in North America. reference the following failure descriptions when requesting the update:

- "display colors are mixed up"
- "colors mixed or shifts"

World trade customers should contact their "place of purchase" for support or call the North America technical support number.

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