Diamond Stealth - OS/2

PROBLEM - PS/Valuepoint 6384 P60/D systems with a Diamond Stealth 24 ISA adapter running OS/2 may fail with blank or distorted video during the following operation:

Access an OS/2 or DOS full screen

- control+esc to the OS/2 desktop
- re-access the OS/2 or DOS full screen

When the OS/2 or DOS full screen is accessed again, the display may either be blank or distorted.

Machines AFFECTED - Valuepoint 6384 P60/D systems.

SOLUTION - A conflict exists between the PS/Valuepoint P60/D parallel port address and VGA. The conflict may be eliminated using the following steps:

- access the configuration utility by pressing F1 during memory count
- set the parallel port base address to 278 or 378

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