9527 inconsistent intensity

PROBLEM - Inconsistent intensity (lighter at the top, darker at the bottom) and image streaking is present along the left edge of the 9527 (17x) display unit when using 1280 x 1024 x 256 colors, and the latest OS/2 display drivers.

Problem is not isolated to this resolution however, it also exists in the 1024 x 768 resolution, although it is less evident. Problem also occurs in Windows with the same resolution.

Machines AFFECTED - All VP2 systems (6382, 6384, 6387) attached to 9527 displays (17p)

SOLUTION - The 9527 display unit exhibits the above symptom due to the fact that it cannot clamp on to the horizontal front porch timing. Following the directions below forces the 9527 display unit to clamp on to the rear porch timing.

FIX - Operate the 9527 in the failing resolution (1280 x 1024 x 256 colors) and bring up the failure on the screen. open up the front controls compartment of the display unit. Locate the two right most geometry controls on this panel. Each of these controls has two keys - one along the top row, and the other along the bottom row. The left set of buttons controls the bowing of the screen image along the edges. This set of keys is termed the 'pincushion keys'. The right most set of buttons controls the slanting of the screen image along the edges of the screen. These set of keys is termed the 'trapezoid' keys.

Simultaneously press the pincushion key on the top row and the trapezoid key on the bottom row. This will resolve the problem. Once this is done, do not touch any other keys for 5 seconds so that the setting is stored in memory.

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